▷ Pop-up store: Why is your e-commerce wrong not to open one? 2020 -

Ultra trendy, the pop-up store boosts communication for any e-shop. This ephemeral boutique becomes a meeting place with your customers in the real world…

Thanks to its flexibility and flexibility, this retail innovation is installed as an effective solution to overcome the disadvantages of e-commerce. It thus demonstrates all the vivacity of which physical trade is capable. This real phenomenon has many arguments to convince each e-commerce site to start. Can you resist it?

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Benefit # 1> Declining your brand image through a scenographic universe

With a pop-up store, the offer of your e-commerce site is highlighted. Your brand image then materializes in an original scenographic arrangement. Your brand unveils its codes, transmits its values ​​and conveys a trendy identity. The pop-up store can thus create the event by offering various events. Your brand image is shaped through this unique and memorable experience that is offered to visitors.

The high-end cycling clothing brand, Rapha, opened a “Pop Up Club House” at the end of 2017. The boutique located on boulevard des Filles du Calvaire in Paris featured its offer available online at rapha.cc. But not only! She also dramatized a whole universe: enjoy a coffee, share between cyclists and participate in events. The objective was to reach different audiences (fans of the brand, simple curious and cycling experts) around bike rides (“Rapha Rides”), yoga sessions, a photo exhibition … This program sought to transmit branding and passion of the little queen.

Benefit # 2> Strengthen your customer relationship through “real” meetings

The customer relationship that is built virtually through websites is more tenuous than that built in the real world. The pop-up store is a good way to get in touch and connect with your customers. The physical store allows direct exchanges, qualitative feedbacks and more conviviality. The customer relationship, a fundamental driver of loyalty, is thus consolidated.

Through a European road trip, the ready-to-wear brand Sézane has shown its desire to meet its customers for its 5e anniversary. The website created by Morgane Sézalory presented her most beautiful pieces from Marseille to Strasbourg, via Berlin and London. By combining his taste for travel and his desire for exchanges, the Parisian label has traveled to a few dozen cities.

Benefit # 3> Benefit from unprecedented and exceptional visibility

The pop-up store is a very useful tool for e-shops to gain visibility. Thanks to the new exposure it offers, it allows you to make yourself known to more consumers. The media relay, the event dynamics as well as word of mouth are carriers of a greater notoriety. Small e-brands such as larger online stores can then be better identified by buyers.

Ultra well-known brand across the Channel, Boohoo.com has chosen to make itself known in England through the establishment of an ephemeral business. The ready-to-wear site was installed in 2016 rue Saint-Honoré in Paris. He was able to take advantage of significant visibility on the French market to expand his clientele. The company then renewed the experience in England, as in other countries.

Benefit # 4> Boost your sales and turnover

A pop-up store is an additional point of contact for e-commerce. Consumers who are not digital enthusiasts, like others, have a new opportunity to discover your offer. This additional traffic can attract more visitors to your brand, boost the flow of customers and thus increase your turnover.

Born in 2013 on the web, the Frenchman Big Mustache develops pop-up shops in places with high traffic to develop his sales. The brand is inspired by the American Dollar Shave Club to offer the sale of razors by subscription. But, it had to adapt to the French market after a difficult passage. Today, the pop-up shop represents a growth driver for its activity.

Benefit # 5> Surfing on a high point of commercial activity

Certain times of the year are better for business than others. They correspond to the times when consumers buy the most: Christmas, back to school, Valentine’s Day, Easter, etc. These intense periods vary according to the type of business. By opening a pop-up store at the right time, an e-commerce brand is likely to succeed. The undeniable benefits of this ephemeral are then increased tenfold.

The pop-up store of the designer e-commerce site, La Seinographe, was specially designed for the Christmas holidays. Its founder, Marina Mussat, unveiled there in December 2017 a panel of around thirty designers made in England. In a seasonal scenography, she had chosen ideal articles for Christmas gifts.

Benefit # 6> Agile optimization of your omnichannel marketing

Using physical AND digital channels optimizes a company’s marketing and sales strategy. Consumers zap from one channel to another, or even use them together, becoming more and more omnichannel. They also appreciate the flexibility of the entrepreneur who adapts to their new behaviors. Providing physical meeting places to your customers, as well as offering them the flexibility of the web, has become important to business development. Embodying your e-shop in a physical store shows your agility and dexterity in driving your business.

In early 2018, the Gemmyo brand, which creates and sells personalized jewelry online, opened a pop-up store. On the ground floor of Printemps, the jeweler with the pink kitten presented the offer from its website. Shelves were used to create a custom-made piece of jewelry and to order directly. It was thus a good way to support step by step consumers reluctant to digital.

Benefit # 7> Compensating for the defects of e-commerce to convince consumers

An online business must always seek to reassure and build confidence in its offer. The virtual aspect still causes some fears on the part of consumers. The photos on a website are not enough to allow them to project themselves properly. Since then, opening a physical store allows potential buyers to test, manipulate, feel and touch the offer. This helps some consumers to take the plunge more easily.

The express delivery e-florist, Bergamotte, was able to see that the customers of his pop-up store could choose exactly the plant that suited him. What could be better than offering bouquets with evocative scents in a physical place! Their pop-up store was also the opportunity to present an offer different from that of their online site with plant formats that are not suitable for their delivery system.

Benefit # 8> Take advantage of an incredibly buoyant commercial location

When starting an activity, it is unthinkable to benefit from the ideal location. A well-located commercial space represents a significant, even unattainable, financial commitment. Also the pop-up store offers the opportunity, more easily, to have a prime location. A neighborhood in Paris, a department store in Paris or a street n ° 1 are much more accessible for a few weeks than with a 3-6-9 commercial lease.

Badminton champion Brice Leverdez created the eponymous brand of luxury shirts in 2016. She settled in a pop-up store in 1st Parisian district. With a single price for his shirts at € 450, it was necessary to obtain a premium location. This allowed him to convey the elegance, quality and high standards of the brand. Rue Saint-Roch, next to the emblematic Colette, was a prime location.

Benefit # 9> Test the adequacy of your concept in the real world

A physical store can only be a simple transposition of an e-commerce offer. To be able to be viable in the real world, your e-shop concept must be declined. The e-seller must become another merchant. The online customer relationship is not the same as at the point of sale. New skills are to be developed, shop fitting for example. It is sometimes necessary to change your offer somewhat, in particular because the clientele is not necessarily the same on and offline.

Born from a fashion blog launched in 2012, the young brand MakemyLemonade has slipped into the adventure of the pop-up store. Its creator, Lisa Gachet, saw it as an opportunity to test the management of a physical point of sale. So she took charge of the scenography, stocks, merchandising, checkout … This set of new skills allowed her to boost her concept.

Benefit # 10> Make your business more credible

Entering the physical world is a sign of vitality and good health for a native digital brand. Also online brands by regularly adopting a temporary physical location demonstrate the economic and financial solidity of their activity. This helps establish your reputation, or even convince investors and other financial partners of the good development and longevity of your box.

The underwear manufacturer, Le Slip Français, is a big fan of pop-up stores. In England and abroad, this brand made in England settles in pop-up stores by revealing a quirky and humorous communication. Created in 2011, she opens her first boutique to celebrate her two years in the 3e Parisian district. This strategy allowed its founder, Guillaume Gibault, to lend credibility to his company in the eyes of investors. It has thus been able to grow, raise funds and internationalize.

While we are at the gates of the end of year festivities, tell me if you succumbed to the benefits of the pop-up store, and if not, what kept you or prevented you to do.