In this article, you will find the 10 key steps to position a competitive keyword on the first page of Google and in less than 30 days. In our example, we will take the following keywords creation of real estate site and Real estate software. As you know, the real estate market is a very competitive sector. But I still managed to position these two keywords on the first page of Google and in less than 30 days. I describe in this article, the steps to follow.

Step 1

Add the keyword first in your “Title” tag. The title tag is the most important element on a website. The title tag should be a sentence that should contain your most relevant keywords. Use the Google Keywords tool to find the keywords that are typed the most on Google.

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2nd step

Add the keyword in your description tag. This tag is used just at the marketing level, it is supposed to encourage the Internet user to click on your website.

Stage 3

Add the keyword in the H1 and H2 tag. These tags correspond to the title and subtitle of your page. In our case, they must contain the keyword “real estate software” and “creation real estate site”

Step 4

Add the keyword in the text of your home page. Be careful not to over-optimize the density of a keyword. It is sufficient if a keyword to be positioned appears three times on a page.

Step 5

Write articles around the keyword and publish them on your website. The ideal is to have a wordpress blog on a domain name external to your site. You can thus regularly publish articles which revolve around your keyword to position.

Step 6

Make internal links with the keyword as a clickable link. Instead of having “click here” as your internal link, put a keyword instead. In our example, we will use for example “discover our real estate software” or “real estate site creation services”.

Step 7

Post press releases and use your keyword as an anchor. The anchor must be placed in text. Find the best sites on Google to publish press releases on the topic of your website.

Step 8

Exchange triangular links, using your keyword as an anchor. Vary the anchors, with synonyms for your keyword.

Step 9

Post your pages that deal with your keyword in social networks. For example on your facebook page or profile, your twitter account or even your professional networks such as viadeo or linkedin.

Step 10

Create a video that illustrates your keyword and disseminate it through video platforms such as youtube and dailymotion.


It is possible to position on the first page, almost any request if the above procedure is followed. The site must be well optimized for SEO, then work must be done to acquire external links (backlinks). All the links which point towards your Internet site, must be of quality and diversified sources.

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