Previously, we saw how to choose with love its keywords for its SEO and how to write content that will appeal to Google and especially YOUR target. Writing quality content takes time, you know, that’s why it is important to optimize and organize it to be effective in your editorial strategy. The objective: have some real results with its content by positioning itself on Google on expressions bringing qualified visitors. Discover our training course “Write to improve your SEO on Google” meeting precisely this objective! Training which can, moreover, be supported via the “My Training Account” application or any type of financing


Note about COVID19 and the impact on our training sessions: the sessions displayed on this page take into account current events and are updated continuously. If it is impossible to carry out face-to-face sessions on the dates indicated, virtual classes will be organized. So you can be sure that you can follow your training under any conditions.

To you leads, sales or even prospects on your site! We organize training for one day to support you in the implementation of a content strategy optimized for Google but especially your target, discover with us the program and register now via your CPF account (My Training Account).

2 dates are proposed to you:

  • June 5, 2020.
  • October 28, 2020.

Important : the training will take place in Paris, in the case of prolongation of confinement, a virtual class 100% online and live will be offered.

Learn how to charm Google with your content!

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Our “Write to improve your SEO on Google” training is eligible for the CPF. Click here to find the training on “MyAccountFormation” and register with your CPF training credit.

We have designed the program for this practical training day so that you can leave at the end of the day with CONCRET:

Google Loves Me: Learn to charm Google with your content

During 1 day, you will be asked to pose a real editorial strategy composed of content bringing you qualified visitors according to YOUR target. If your target is not yet well defined, before the workshop, you will have to specify it.

At the end of the training, you know exactly how to identify the GOOD expressions, those that bring you qualified and growing traffic! You have a checklist to optimize your next content.

You are organized and have a view on the actions to be carried out over the coming months to implement your editorial strategy.

In short, you are autonomous in optimizing your content. Your content appeals to Google (Yes!) and bring you qualified visitors (double Yes!).

The complete training program “Write to improve your SEO on Google” (Google Loves Me)

[Téléchargez le programme au format pdf]

1. The basics of SEO on Google

  • The main principles of SEO optimization

2. Choose keywords relevant to your objectives

  • What is a good keyword?
  • Show empathy with your target to find the right expressions
  • The technique of main keyword / secondary keyword

Workshop 1: Create your list of relevant keywords

3. Organize your writing strategy

  • Find the subjects appreciated by Google and its target
  • Tools to optimize your content
  • Set up your editorial calendar
  • Plan your editorial work over the coming months

Workshop 2: Create your editorial calendar

4. Create effective content for your target and Google

Workshop 3: Writing optimized content

[Téléchargez le programme au format pdf]

The opinions of participants from the previous session

Elisa, Social Media Officer : I found the training very complete, even on a one-day format. There was a good balance between the theoretical part and the practical part. Before, I mastered a few basic notions of SEO in a rather superficial way. Now, I’m armed with deeper knowledge of the subject and several tools to help me create SEO friendly content. I will complete my writing methodology with the different key stages that have been indicated to me

asma temoignage atelier google loves me

Asma, Brand Content Manager : I found the training approach very relevant and the format suitable for professionals. Before the workshop, I was very frustrated not knowing how to implement my strategy for managing, publishing and promoting content. The workshop really allowed me to better understand this subject. I will put into practice by taking all the elements learned during this workshop, to challenge them with my team and subsequently to adapt the strategy taking into account our current challenges. Thank you for the quality of the intervention and the richness of the shared content.

Practical information

The training will take place atEspace Hermès, Paris 11 (Père Lachaise metro: line 2 or 3). In the case of prolonged confinement, the session will be offered in virtual class 100% online. Places are limited, remember to book yours as soon as possible.

Price and support

The training day is offered at 415 € HT / 498 € TTC.

This amount can be taken care of by your CPF account (My Training Account), the skills development plan or the OPCO of your company or even by the Pôle Emploi.

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We will help you see more clearly for your training rights, contact us!

If you wish to use your CPF on “My Training Account”, you can register now by following this link:

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So are you joining us? Places are going fast, first registered, first served!

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