A lot is said about resources for private label rights. Some are very fair and others are false. I am sure, for my part, of two things: the products in right of private label can advance a Web project. If you do it wrong, no results are possible. That’s good, the article of the day will deal with this last point. Today we’re going to see the three mistakes you shouldn’t make if you want to move your web project forward. Let’s go…

Mistake # 1: Not adapting content and expecting sales

It may sound obvious, but it is not.

Many bloggers think that to sell, you have to have a lot of content on your site. It’s a sign of quality.

Unless you come up with a topic that nobody deals with on the Web, the reality is slightly different.

I withdraw the word slightly.

There is indeed an advantage with this technique. Your site is not empty.

He’s the only one.

Understand that in order to have a website that will allow you to earn money, there are several rules to follow:

  • Rule # 1: trust ;
  • Rule # 2: Added value.

The role of your content is to be able to provide useful information and of added value to the person who is viewing your site.

This content also helps build that trust that is essential to sales.

If you are useful to a person on a regular basis, they will trust you.

However, if you directly publish content under private label rights on your site, you are not giving yourself the means to achieve this objective.

Here’s why.

Put yourself in the place of the person who is going to read the content of your site. If the content is not specifically addressed to her and aims to meet her needs, she will leave your site.

Even worse. If that person realizes that this content was not written by you, but by someone else, they will never trust you again.

People are not stupid.

They will immediately understand if there is a serious person behind the site in question who is trying to help them or not.

You must systematically adapt the content to private label rights that you are going to publish.

This is the golden rule. There is no discussion possible.

Mistake # 2: Post a lot and expect traffic

Some also believe that traffic has a direct relationship to the number of articles published.

It is also important to provide several details.

On a purely theoretical level, having content published on a site gives a surfer a chance to come across your page if he searches.

One in a million chance.

Therein lies the whole problem.

In order for a user to find your content, he must first:

Small parenthesis. No one knows exactly how Google’s algorithm works. One thing is certain, the more detailed your article, the more external links that point to it, the more Google tends to position it on the first pages.

Publish content directly under private label rights and expect traffic, it’s like going hunting with a blindfold.

If you want to expect traffic from Google, you must analyze the keywords of your theme, then do everything to have quality content positioned on these words.

Mistake # 3: Ordering DLP content and not using it

There are several advantages to using products with private label rights. To deny it would therefore be a mistake.

I strongly advise you to do a search on the Web to see if you can find content in private label rights for your theme.

I can even give you an address to find resources for private label rights. There you will find plenty of quality articles and e-books.

Also, many people tend to buy or order content under private label rights.

And then that’s all.

The purchased files remain saved on the computer, nothing happens and nothing will happen.

Once the runaway moment has passed, there is not enough energy and willpower to use this content.

As you can see, there are some efforts to be made to be able to transform content into DLP into something useful.

It’s precisely when you’re rolling up your sleeves that many people let go.

So you know what to do:

  1. Search for content under private label rights;
  2. Use it.

You’re going to have a huge advantage directly over the majority of people who may have the same content as you, but don’t care.

What to do after reading this article?

When working on launching or developing a website or blog, you can be sure of two things:

  • You’re going to run out of time;
  • You need quality content.

The content under private label law can save you time (a lot of time) on the preparation of the content of your site.

There are some basic mistakes not to make. This is what we just saw today:

  • Publish content directly and wait for traffic;
  • Don’t adapt the content and expect sales;
  • Buy private label rights resources and do nothing with them.

If I had to summarize now what you need to do to successfully advance your project with the resources of private label rights, it would be:

Roll up your sleeves and adapt this famous content to your needs, but especially to the needs of the people who have to follow you.

About the Author :

I am Nassim Amisse, married, two children and full time web entrepreneur. I live on income from my different websites. (More information about me here). I am in particular at the origin of the DLP Cave (a private label rights resource site) and especially of a great blog on homework.