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Millions of brands and businesses have integrated social media into their business strategy, and Facebook is a central part of any self-respecting online marketing campaign. Creating a Facebook page is free, it’s true. But for VSEs who do not have a big budget, it is not always easy to be seen by their fans …

Too many ads, not enough interesting publications

Facebook has started to decrease the visibility of certain posts in users’ news feeds. Now only a small percentage of your fans will see the content you post on your Page. Unless of course take out your wallet to buy sponsored publications; but the larger your fanbase, the more it will cost you.

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Look for the “Highlight” or “Stimulate publication” buttons.

Facebook’s decision to prioritize paid publications could have far-reaching implications for user interactions with content posted by businesses and brands. But back to our first question – is it better to have a professional site, a Facebook page or both?

The limits of the Facebook page

  • A Facebook page is very difficult to optimize for SEO, and the layout is too rigid for good branding.
  • Facebook is very popular today, but nothing says it will always be. Social networks that are disappearing have already happened (Friendster, MySpace, etc.).
  • If your fans someday decide to leave Facebook for another social network, migrating all the content you’ve posted on Facebook could be very expensive (or will be downright impossible).
  • Almost everyone is on the Internet, but not everyone has a Facebook account to interact with your fanpage.
  • Facebook is a free tool, and you and your business are dependent on the slightest change. No one can predict the next condition that will change.

On Facebook, you are a user, not a customer. Complicated to complain or make a complaint. Facebook is accountable to its shareholders, not its users. You will find some tips for optimizing your Facebook strategy in this article.

Facebook site and page: the winning duo

Creating a website for your business is a good way to gain flexibility in terms of publication and promotion. You keep control over your content and design, you are less dependent on perpetual updates to Facebook’s terms of use and algorithms. Finally, on the SEO side, it is easier to optimize a site than a fanpage.

Add a blog and Facebook page (and / or your account) to your professional site Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest) has a number of benefits, including improving your SEO on Google.

How to create your professional site?

For VSEs and freelancers in particular, the idea of ​​creating a site can be very intimidating. We imagine that it is complicated, that it is time consuming, that it is expensive. Not necessarily !

Isn’t technique your thing? You can still build a small pro site in the same way as a Facebook page, using a site editor or a CMS, such as WordPress or Joomla.

With an online site editor, you create your pages directly in your browser, by dragging and dropping different elements in pre-designed templates. You can also easily integrate a blog and links to your social media accounts to make your website a kind of central portal for your business.

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