▷ Profiler: Take advantage of Facebook data to better know your audience and orient your marketing actions 2020 -

Knowing your audience better is the nerve of the war in marketing. Data allowsorient its marketing and marketing strategysignificantly improve its ROI. In terms of information and skills on its 1.8 billion users, Facebook has without a doubt the largest and most qualified database in the world.

What if a tool could help you better understand your strategic audiences based on qualification data which is at the very heart of the Facebook / Instagram giant? That’s what it offers Profile, the platform that quickly becomes essential with marketing managers and communication agencies. Discover it with us!

How it works?

Profiler is connected to the Targeting API of Facebook / Instagram and collects information on the audience of your choice, ranging from socio-demographic criteria to the affinity of your audience with regard to brands and preferences. media and leisure habits.

The analyzed audience can be created directly from your CRM database (email, phone number), visitors to your website, your Facebook presence or from any existing targeting criteria on Facebook ( ex: women aged 25 to 45 living in England interested in a brand or an activity – more than 400,000 criteria available).

Once connected to the interface, I have the possibility of launching a new study and naturally I start by indicating the audience that I want to analyze. In my case, I used the interest “CWT Advertising & co’m” but I could also have analyzed our newsletter subscribers or our website visitors.

To highlight the characteristics specific to the audience analyzedée, it is essential to compare it to a group of refedence. Here, for the benchmark audience, I simply selected Facebook users in England between 18 and 65+, or 34,000,000 people!

Define an audience on Profiler

Once the audiences have been defined, the creation of the study is very easy and after 2 minutes, the tool begins to collect the data which will be used to carry out the study. Allow about an hour for data collection and processing before you can start to actually analyze your audience.

Regarding my CWT Advertising & co’m study, it is based on more than 6,000 criteria:

profiler webmarketing com

By going to the “Data insights” section, I have access to all the data collected:

  • demographic;
  • behavioral;
  • geography;
  • entertainment enjoyed by my audience;
  • favorite brands;
  • preferred media;
  • activities appreciated

It is possible to browse all the results by family and sub-family (Demographics> Age or Media> Press> Newspapers)

Some examples :

Regarding the age distribution, I realize that, compared to the French audience, 25/34 year olds are overrepresented for the CWT Advertising audience & co’m:

Profiler market study age distribution

The first percentage indicates the representation of interest on my selected audience, the second on the reference audience and finally, the following indicator gives the difference between the two.

When the latter is green, it means that this target is over-represented in your selected audience compared to the reference audience, and vice versa if the indicator is red.

You will be able to analyze all the data in this way and refine the information available on your target.

I could see that:

  • 77.1% of fans were page administrators (versus the national average of 20.3%);
  • the following major French cities were over-represented compared to the average: Paris, Lille, Bordeaux, Toulouse…
  • the following magazines and newspapers were of particular interest to our audience:

profile press market study

  • That with the large number of CMs among our fans (cf. the 77% of page administrators) social networks, even the most confidential (poke Google+), were actively followed:

profiling social networks market research

  • in terms of TV channels, Arte, Canal + and England5 were over-represented compared to the national average.

profiler tv channel market study

These are just a few examples, but they do have the merit of making you realize the value of having such data.

Your automatically created personas

But where Profiler is even more powerful is in its ability to generate dashboards automatically (called personas). Dashboards which correspond to the different types of Profiler uses: Media Planning, Content Marketing, Sponsoring, … These dashboards can be completely personalized according to your wishes but you can also create new ones. You can therefore select the most relevant information on a personalized document, which you can then distribute to your marketing or sales teams.

And there, as if by magic, you get a detailed profile of your target: her age, her gender, where she lives, what she likes … A gold mine to then develop your communication!

Here are some examples of data representations:

A card representing the interestsbeing and activities:

profiling hobbies walking study

Or the most popular media rankinged:

profile media market research

The Personas tool is really handy for getting a quick overview to better understand your audience and interests.

Next step: integrate this data into your marketing plan

Now that you have all this data at hand, you can integrate it into your marketing plan, feed your strategy and improve the efficiency of your teams.

Some concrete examples of actions:

  • Personalize the content of your websites and social networks according to the interests identified in the study;
  • Launch Facebook recruiting campaigns targeting these themes appreciated by your target;
  • Use this data to improve your advertising messages and thus increase their transformation rate, and in turn your ROI;
  • Build your commercial speeches, campaign content based on data …

The possibilities are huge and depend on your activities and your goals.

The perfect tool for agencies and major brands

Whether it is to better understand its audience, analyze its competitors or even understand the main characteristics of a given market, Profiler supports major brands and communication agencies in their marketing efforts.

Test the tool for free

Practice is better than a long speech, I invite you to test (free) the tool by following this link to create an account. You will quickly discover the amazing possibilities of Profiler.

Despite the huge amount of analyzed data made available, the interface remains very accessible, which is particularly pleasant. The free trial allows you to familiarize yourself with the interface and realize its interest according to its objective.

You know whatyou still have to do ? You too can take advantage of the huge Facebook database to improve your target knowledge and communication.

Click here to go to the Social Karma / Profiler website

Article written in collaboration with Social Karma.