▷ Promote a blog article: 30 unstoppable techniques 2020 -

You’re finished writing blog content right now. Don’t think it’s all over. You still have the essential: promote your blog article …

Would you like many people to read your publication? Then you will have to communicate your content in order to generate traffic and develop your audience.

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When you write quality text for a BtoB or BtoC blog, it is imperative to highlight it and make it known. To achieve this, develop specific promotional actions for the blog article included in your content marketing strategy.

Should really promote a blog post?

You are wondering if it is really necessary to promote your blog article. Basically, you wrote an excellent article, very interesting and perfectly copywrite. So you tell yourself that is enough.

Obviously, if you just want your contacts and loved ones to read your content, that’s enough. On the other hand, if you want to interest more people, find new qualified contacts and obtain significant traffic, you will need to plan for real and substantial promotional actions.

Quality writing, content providing real added value and originality of subjects and angles of attack are not everything. Even if they are the basis.

You’ve spent a lot of time gathering the information, thinking about how to deal with your topic, writing the article, and formatting and formatting it. It would be a shame if no one took advantage of it!

How do you want a user to find your fabulous blog post if you don’t relay it enough? The net is far too large for any blog to find its target audience without promotion. Even blogs with high traffic and exceptional notoriety promote.

So, of course, you don’t have time. Of course, promoting a blog post is important extra work. Of course, your article is absolutely exceptional. But we will have to get started! Otherwise, you may be the only one who likes your awesome publication. It would be a shame, right?

Do you find this superfluous? Do you think that spending several hours writing a post that will not be read is not a waste of time?

Promoting a blog article is to properly highlight a substantial work that deserves it, it is to accompany content until the end of the road so that it conquers its audience, it is to give it the possibility of fully deploying its qualities in the eyes of the greatest number of Internet users.

You have to be proactive if you want to have a chance to be read, to attract more traffic and to develop a qualified audience. This is the basics of content marketing. You will need to invest time and skills to publicize each of your blog posts.

How to promote a blog article? What tips and techniques give visibility to your content? How to generate additional traffic on your blog? Here are 30 solutions to boost the communication of your blog articles.

1 # Integrate your content into your newsletter

One of the basic steps to publicize a new ticket is to forward to your contacts subscribed to the newsletter. Obviously make sure that your emailing list is always up to date. You can test with your audience, either a sending during each publication, or a sending according to a certain periodicity (daily, weekly or monthly). To facilitate multiple sendings, think of a solution such as MailChimp, Sarbacane or Mailjet, for example.

2 # Share your blog article on your social networks

Communicate your content by relaying it on your social media profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Viadeo, etc. Depending on your target readers, you define which ones are most relevant to promote a blog post in BtoB or BtoC. Also remember to take into account the different uses of these social networks: adapt your speech, optimize the images, favor certain schedules, vary the formats …

3 # Relay your publication on Facebook pages and groups

Find Facebook groups or pages related to your field of activity. Share your text there when it is published. However, be active for the long haul by commenting and sharing other content, otherwise you will appear to be a spammer.

4 # Share your blog post in LinkedIn groups

Professional social networks such as LinkedIn are rewarding for a business. For a professional blog, consider using them by publishing your article in different groups related to your topic. For a B2B blog, it is an essential vector for prospecting and therefore promotion.

5 # Optimize your content for natural referencing

To make your content marketing promotion strategy truly sustainable, bet on SEO. It is essential that your article is properly optimized so that the search engines understand what it is talking about and give you visibility. Play at all levels: the keywords, the title, the headings, the internal mesh, the images… Good optimization allows you to capitalize on the success of the publication of your content over time.

6 # Submit your publications to Google News

Appear in the section News number one in search engines is the ultimate. You will still need meet many drastic conditions. Take the time to zoom in on the general conditions defined by Google. You will thus see the adaptations that you will have to initiate. Consider getting help from a few plugins: WordPress Google News or an option from the famous Yoast SEO. Don’t wait for Google News to spot you: Submit your blog to them.

7 # Ask your network to promote a blog article

We don’t always think about it, but your knowledge (collaborators, customers, suppliers, friends, family …) can be essential communication relays for your blog. You should especially rely on them when you start and your emailing list is scarce. They know you and appreciate your qualities. Know how to involve them enough in your web project.

8 # Republish your blog content regularly on social networks

In order to highlight your post, republish it several times. Its lifespan on social media is very short. Your entire readership will not have seen your publication the first time. Adapt the number of republications to each social network. Use tools that allow you to schedule these shares, such as Hootsuite or Buffer. Make sure to vary your catchphrases as much as possible so as not to tire your audience and increase your chances of engaging them. Also think of a plugin recommended by blogger Frédéric Canevet “Revive Old Post” to automatically give a second life to old posts.

9 # Transmit to influential figures in your sector

To promote the blog post, send an email or tweet to influencers. Even if not everyone will relay your content, this approach is useful because a single share will bring you enormous visibility. To get their attention, be sure to offer a documented, original and innovative publication. Also try to build a lasting bond by regularly sharing their content.

10 # Send your post for the first time to your most loyal readers

In order to ensure good sharing, you can send your article to some of your regulars. Offer them your content before anyone else in order to enhance them and develop social interactions. They can then become real ambassadors for your blog (# 28) who will sustainably promote it.

11 # Cite experts in your blog article

A useful tip to boost your blog post is to get there appoint professionals in your field of activity. Then send them your text. Some will relay it to their network, which will allow you to expand your audience. You can combine this promotion method with # 9 to give even more scope to your promotion strategy.

12 # Publish your post in other sites and media

Certain sites and other media offer you the possibility of publish your own articles or a summary with a link. We are touching on netlinking here. Start by listing them. You will discover the social bookmarking, such as Digg-Like (internet link sharing sites), such as Scoop.it, SpotCrea or Scoopeo.

13 # Relay on forums and internet groups

Consider investing in forums and web groups that deal with your topic. Because they bring together people interested in your topic and experts, they represent a real opportunity to promote your blog articles. Do not just go there to deposit your ticket, get really involved in order to develop confidence in your expertise and your reputation. When writing a post, you can drag your link into a comment. Some moderators will remove it, others will not!

14 # Comment on other blogs by adding a link to your content

Likewise, be a careful reader of some blogs. You can there drag a hyperlink to promote a blog post that you just published. This use will bring you flow if your selection of sites is relevant.

15 # Add links to the article in different places on your website

To improve the visibility of your ticket, you can embed links on your own website : in the sidebar of your blog, on the main page of your site, on a page of thematic resources…

16 # Include a link to the publication in your email signature

Think of change your automatic email signature to include the link to your new post. It’s a simple little tactic for your “wow” content. You can do it yourself or use WiseStamp.

17 # Add a sharing pop-up to promote a blog post

When your last published text is displayed, anticipate the appearance of a pop-up window on your site. She should invite the reader to share it. This tip can really boost the sharing rate of an article.

18 # Offer additional content to those who share the blog post

Here is a promotion technique capable of generating traffic. Offer your audience a additional content if it shares your text. Make sure it’s related to your post to be sure to reach your audience.

19 # Integrate your article into your auto-responder sequence

The auto-responder sequence corresponds to pre-programmed messages received by each new subscriber to your newsletter. Add your best publications to it.

20 # Advertise online to promote the article

For your most qualitative content, you can create paid advertising on social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter) or with Google Ads. Be sure to evaluate them to optimize their impact during your next publications.

21 # Communicate your article in real life

One of the ways to promote a blog post is simply totalk about it in real life. Yes ! You have a non-digital life, right? In your company, if it is a professional blog, talk about it to your collaborators during meetings or at the coffee break, to your customers, suppliers and various partners. If it is a personal blog, choose the best places according to your targets: the family dinner, the restaurant with friends, the gym, local shops, the outing of children from school, the internship sophrology, raku workshop…

22 # Include “click to tweet” in your post

If your audience is a Twitter follower, consider make “click to tweet” to insert into your content. For this, you can use the ClickToTweet site, for example. This will boost your presence on the social network.

23 # Create images conducive to sharing

The quality of the illustration of a blog article influences its relay on social networks. Also look to offer attractive and optimized visuals integrated into the heart of your text. You can create images with an excerpt from your text, a query to which you answer, a quote related to your subject, a statistic that you use,… They will also be used for republications (# 8) and related social content (# 27).

24 # Write a guest post linking to your content

The guest blogging can help you promote a particular blog post as well as your entire blog in general. Do not hesitate to do your selection of quality blogs and contact them. Create your guest post, making sure to include as many relevant links to your site as possible. In this matter, everything depends on the editorial line of the host blog. This tip will bring you new readers from the other blog and build awareness.

25 # Change the form to promote a blog post

To always reach more Internet users, it may cost decline your text in other formats : slide show with SlideShare, infographic with Infogr.am, white paper … The idea is to take the content and adapt it to this other medium. Certain formats are specific or more attractive on certain networks (infographic on Pinterest or video on YouTube, for example), which will allow you to expand your audience.

26 # Improve the visibility of share buttons on your blog

It sounds obvious, but not everyone unfortunately does. Make sure your blog is set up correctly and displays buttons for sharing posts. They must be clearly visible and easily accessible. Integrate the main social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

27 # Post related social content

More than just posts advertising your blog post, try to get attention with real content derived from your editorial to publish on your social networks. Storytelling in a LinkedIn Pulse article detailing the problem that your article solves, for example. Create unmistakable graphics incorporating the questions your publication answers. You can also make a synthetic infographic of your content for Instagram. Or, post a video on YouTube where you explain why you got interested in your post. It’s extra work, but that for a premium item is entirely relevant.

28 # Identify and pamper ambassadors for your blog

Unless your blog is all beautiful, brand new, you need to have a few fans who follow you diligently, and like all of your articles, and share and comment on them. They are your ambassadors. Take care of it. To identify them and make them emerge, be sure to respond to comments on your site and your social networks. Try to get to know them a little to send them subtle messages that will touch them. They’re there ability to convert more internet users to readers.

29 # Be responsive design

34 million French people are mobile Internet users (Médiamétrie study – 2018), or one in two. It is therefore essential that your site is adapted to the smartphone screen. Tablets have also gained enormous ground. To make your blog mobile-friendly, use, for example, WordPress plugins WPtouch Pro, Jetpack or Mobile Pack.

30 # Define a promotion strategy including a process

To enhance your blog articles, determine a rational and systematic approach incorporating some of the techniques previously mentioned. It must take into account the level of relevance of your tickets, the time required for all tasks as well as your possibilities and concerns. The implementation of promotional actions This will allow you to gain productivity and efficiency. Also remember to evaluate your promotion process in order to make it evolve according to its results.

Always keep in mind the end goal of your blog: convert. Reason constantly inbound marketing so your writing efforts don’t fall apart! Constantly ask yourself: what are you doing to promote a blog post? Seek to attract more readers, turn them into prospects, convert them into customers and build loyalty.

And you, how do you promote your blog content?