▷ Promote your products through an infographic: the Zalando case 2020 -

For Christmas, Zalando had blackmailed his employees via an interactive choir … The brand continues to communicate in an original way, this time by surfing on an infographic. The infographic “From barathon to marathon” offers a multitude of interesting and fun information on this theme, the objective then being to highlight a selection of articles around running …

Computer graphics …

Did you know that the marathon was born in honor of the soldier Phidippides who died after covering 40km from Marathon to Athens to announce a victory? That the half marathon will allow you to burn the equivalent of 6 beers in calories? Or that the Jiaozhou bay bridge in China alone is the length of a marathon?

So much interesting and fun information about this famous running that you can find on this infographic published by Zalando.

Here is the infographic, click on it to enlarge the image:

ZALANDO Infographic

Computer graphics: a powerful marketing tool

For Zalando, the purpose of this infographic is to highlight a selection of products around running. Indeed, at the end of the page, you can find this insert:

zalando runing

In addition to the traffic brought by the infographic which will be shared on social networks and the sites taking it back, the brand will work at the same time its notoriety and its natural referencing via the acquisition of spontaneous links. Computer graphics is a method widely used in inbound marketing and has many advantages for a reasonable production and promotion cost.

Have you ever used infographics in your communication strategy? What do you think of Zalando’s?

You can find the infographic on this page: From barathon to marathon !