▷ Publish on facebook: the 5 golden rules for success 2020 -

Is there a miracle recipe for writing an effective Facebook post? In any case, following these five rules can have a definite effect …


Numerous studies have been carried out on the best times to publish. Their results are quite similar and show that the activity of Facebook users is higher between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m., with a peak at 3 p.m., especially on Wednesdays, and a rise around 7 p.m. on weekdays.

However, it should be noted that these studies are generally carried out on American Internet users, and that habits therefore do not necessarily correspond to the behavior of French users. In addition, it is important to differentiate “presence”, “activity” and “commitment”. It seems that we act more willingly, in particular by relaying posts, on Thursday and Friday.

Finally, not all Facebook pages meet the same characteristics and the most attractive moments are not always the same depending on the subject. We may not be interested in the same days and times for advice on form and the best places to eat.

Rule # 1: use common sense by putting yourself in the place of the reader and imagining his behavior (what is he doing, where is he, in what state of mind is he…), and testing several moments afterwards to target the best performing according to the types of messages and the desired objectives.

An example, the Scoopitone newsletter: for “professionals”, not on Monday, the day of team meetings, or on Friday when it is thought to end the week; on Tuesday, we’re in a good mood to get some news… as soon as we get to the office.


Getting users to react and act on a text or a link is good. Making them not regret having done so is another story. If they only stay a few seconds on your post, not only will they no longer pay attention to the following ones, but above all it will have disastrous consequences, in terms of effectiveness as well as in terms of image for the brand.

A lost surfer is really a lost surfer and you don’t have two chances to make a good impression.

Rule # 2 : seduce and make a promise in the catchphrase, but make sure that it will be kept qualitatively (interest for the reader).


Even if Facebook, unlike other social networks, allows you to “tell your life story”, it’s better to keep it short. The ideal length of a post is 40 characters, combining attention time and message to get across. We must favor conciseness, because the results are clear: at 40 characters, a post will trigger more reactions. This forces us to be perfectly explicit. There is no question of deceiving the Internet user into believing that we are going to offer him information other than that which called him. The backlash can be violent.

Rule # 3 : short sentences, with an active voice, few adjectives and adverbs (especially those which bring nothing), a vocabulary adapted to the target.


Without photo, drawing or video, no salvation. A text alone has very little chance of being spotted and, a fortiori read. Most Facebook users scroll through posts fairly quickly when they log in, and grab their attention with text alone. Put yourself in the place of the reader and find an illustration that is not just one but that speaks for itself and that can “live alone”.

Rule n ° 4: always accompany the text of a meaningful photo or drawing (not to look pretty but to say something)


This is THE key to your post. Being read is good, appreciated, it’s even better. But above all it is necessary to involve an action, if not what good… It is the famous “call to action”, which incites at least to act by liking (that is more to have fun), by sharing or by commenting , therefore by actively participating, even by buying.

Here too, mandatory formulas are important. Better to be direct once again, and not beat around the bush: “be the first to …”, “and you what do you think”, “act now”

Rule n ° 5: end the post with a call to action by not leaving the user “in the drawing board” and making their job easier

By following these five rules, success will be there.