Tutorial reading: 5 minutes / Tutorial realization: 60 minutes

Each email sent by your employees is a communication space to be optimized by your company. 1.4 billion emails are sent every day in England. Email signature is a very powerful communication vector.

id=”more-991732″>Boost My Mail is a business email signature management tool. The tool allows you to standardize an email signature in the colors of your company, on each employee email. The solution offers to automatically display a unified email signature each time your employees create emails. Ideal for strengthening your brand image and communicating your news.

A top tool for deploying your employees’ email signatures from a single station

The tool is easy to use and compatible with the most commonly used professional messaging services: Outlook and Gsuite. The tool offers free and no-obligation registration for 14 days on some of the functionalities. 10 minutes is enough to test the tool. To register, click on the link: www.boostmymail.com. For a more complete immersion, register for the discovery tutorial webinar.

  1. Import the coordinates of your collaborators

The first step to synchronize an email signature on emails sent by your employees, is to record their professional information (name, first name, position, email, etc.) on the tool. There are two options for this, either entering information on the interface or an Excel file to complete and save on the tool. This manipulation makes it possible to personalize the email signature model of your employees based on an email signature model that you will have configured.

  • On the home page, click on the “users” tab, then “add”, and save the information.
  • Create your company’s email signature template
  • Once this step is completed, go to the home page, and click on the “Signature Email” tab.
  • On the left panel, tools are available to configure and personalize your email signature model:
    • Select a model, and import your logo,
    • Enter the URL of your social networks to engage your recipients to follow you.
  • On the right panel, preview the rendering of your email signature template. We particularly appreciate the web design of the interface which has just been revisited, simple and intuitive.
    • Most of the tool: if you already have an email signature template, save it on the tool to deploy it to your employees.
    • In the last step, choose the users to whom you want to assign the email signature template.
  • Synchronize email signature on employee emails
    • The circle is almost complete! So that the email signature is displayed directly in the emails of your employees, there is one last step.
      • If you are on Outlook: click on the “Settings” tab, then on the “Outlook” button. Download the Outllook application, and enter the transmitted security key number. The operation is to be carried out only once and remotely, by you and by your collaborators, without having to pass station by station.
      • If you are on Gsuite, click on “Settings”, “Synchronization”, and select “Gsuite”. Then let yourself be guided!

Amplify your company’s communication with a simple email signature

The email signature is a communication channel in its own right in an email. Adding a banner ad to your employees’ email signature is a good way to keep all the qualities of an email communication while keeping your company up to date. The tool proposes to distribute your campaigns according to the professions of your employees. Ideal for targeting your marketing campaigns.

Most of the tool: the application allows you to create, without being a graphic designer, email banners with the designer Canva, implemented on Boost My Mail.

  • Measure the click volume of email banners by clicking on the “Statistics” tab. A dashboard is accessible to view the click volume of email banners.

You now have all the method to deploy your company’s email signature from one employee’s email.

Boost My Mail action for the planet

The icing on the cake: the green side of Boost My Mail. With each new subscription, Boost My Mail acts for reforestation and plants a tree in a French forest. The objective is to create ecological and sustainable capital! What benefits for 1000 trees planted?

️ Climate: 15 tonnes of CO2 stored

🐦 Biodiversity: 300 animal shelters created

💕 Health: 400 months of oxygen generated

😉 Employment: 100 hours of work created

Article written in collaboration with Boost My Mail