1.4 billion emails are sent to England every day. With an average opening rate of 85%, email is a powerful communication medium for a business. Boost My Mail, email signature editor, offers to use email signature as a communication tool in its own right. Find out below how to create a professional and aesthetic email signature, while sharing your news.


1: Give your email signature a facelift

An email signature, personalized with the colors of your brand and unified, reinforces the professionalism of your company. Only here, creating a new email signature is not enough. It must also be updated on the user accounts of your employees. The exercise can be long and technically difficult. If you are new to HTML code and want to save time, go through an email signature editor.

Find below the guide to create a signature
mail with your logo. The email signature editor will update it
instantly on your employees’ mailboxes (Outlook or
Gmail / Gsuite).

create signature mail boost my mail
  • Customize your template
    email signature:

    • Select the items that
      you wish to appear in the signature (function, name, first name, site
      web, photo, etc.).
    • Inquire
      the URL of your social networks to engage your recipients
      to follow.
signature signature mail
  • Finally, assign the newly signed email signature
    created to your collaborators by selecting them. Go to the tab
    “Users” for more details.

2: Add an advertising banner in your email signature

The email signature is a
full communication channel in an email. Add a banner
advertising is a good way to keep all the qualities of a communication
by email while informing your recipients of events, new
products, etc. The tool proposes to distribute your campaigns according to
jobs of your employees. Ideal for using email signatures as
means of communication during your Inbound Marketing actions.

  • At the start of the sales funnel.
    The email signature can highlight an advice guide or a
    invitation to a webinar, or any content strategy aimed at
    qualify your leads and familiarize them more with your brand.
  • At the end of the sales funnel.
    When a prospect has become a client, the email signature will be different. To the
    instead of a guide or a webinar, it can offer content that has
    vocation to build customer loyalty or provoke word of mouth: for example
    a video to share, a link to a sponsorship offer, etc.
signature email banner

3: Measure the performance of your campaigns

The publisher compiles traffic data from your email signature. It gives access to the click volume of email campaigns. Use AB testing! Personalize and target your campaigns to develop and retain your customers.

Sébastien H.,
head of Nantes agency Actual Systèmes, hardware wholesaler
IT returns to the advantage of email campaigns:

” So
that before we distribute one newsletter per week, now we relay
our news with a banner in the email signatures of our sales representatives. We
found that the majority of emails sent ended up in spam
or in the trash. In parallel, an email sent by one of our sales representatives
is necessarily open! We have a dozen salespeople who
send between 50 and 100 emails per day to customers or prospects. As
they cannot address all the news, the email banners relay the information
that potentially interest their recipients. The most thematic
recurring are current promotions, events, and launches of
products. The most successful campaign we ran was about
the launch of a new GDPR product. The campaign generated over 900
clicks! “.

now have all the method to create your new email signature and your
email campaigns!


  • Email is 40 times better than Facebook and Twitter for acquiring new customers.
  • The Boost My Mail editor interface is well designed. Getting started is easy to personalize your email signature from the models offered.
  • The subscription is free up to 10 users (under certain conditions).
  • The Premium Pack allows the distribution of email banners in unlimited quantities.

Article written in collaboration with boostmymail