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Like every year for the past 3 years, Reech, the first “BrandTech” of influencer marketing, publishes its study on the relationship between influencers and brands. Last year, among the highlights, there was a rejuvenation of influencers and the importance ofInstagram which became the first point of contact between an influencer and a brand, before the blog! What about this year? I invite you to discover the results of this study together…

No less than 1381 influencers were interviewed for this
study, the latter therefore gives a real panorama
the relationship that influencers have with brands.

Who are the influencers?

Good question 🙂

influencer study age influencers

Last year, we already saw a rejuvenation of
influencers, we were just over 56% under the age of 30 at the time.
This year we reach 58.5%.

Platforms used by influencers

Change of generation but also change of habits
of publication. Since last year the blog has left the first place of
podium at Instagram. The trend is confirmed this year. Instagram is the
preferred network of influencers both in terms of engagement but also
also in terms of first contacts with advertisers and brands.

influencer engagement
brand study influencer partnership

Influencer communities

If we look at the size of the communities behind them
influencers, half of them are made up of less than 10,000

Only 10% of influencers have an extra community
of 100,000 members. Note that 50% of influencers have more than 100,000 members
have more than 4 years of seniority. Normal, in most cases, a community
is built over time.

community size influencers

Topics covered

thematic influencers 2019

Without big surprise, these are lifestyle themes,
fashion and beauty which are the most acclaimed.

Even if living off your influencer activity is still rare,
we observe a professionalization with the more and more frequent recourse to
service providers (photographers or others) to be supported in the work
linked to the animation of his community.

Like stars, some influencers have now
use of agents (2.7%).

influencer support

And the relationship with brands?

Interesting :
may be tired of low ROI partnerships, brands put on
emerging influencers where prices are more affordable and commitment to

brands influencers

And the results seem there since 63.2% of influencers received more requests for partnerships on
2018 compared to the previous year
. The marketing influence therefore has beautiful
days before him?

If we are interested in partnerships, placement
product and promo code sharing are the main content that
brands are looking for. Hence also the rise of Instagram particularly well
adapted to these two objectives.

type content brands influencers

To work with influencers, 27.5% of brands
do alone, the others are supported by digital or communication agencies
(24%) or agencies / platforms expert in influencer marketing such as Reech (48.5%).

And when it comes to an influencer’s decision to put
in partnership with a brand, the pecuniary aspect is not the first

Product quality
and brand values ​​take precedence.

criteria influencer brand partnership

Transparency of partnerships between brand and influencers

96% of influencers say they inform their audience of
their partnerships via a mention, a hashtag or other. Transparency is
so firmly in place and the audience of influencers mostly perceives
positively these partnerships.

perception partnership brand influencer

What about remuneration?

The study also looks at the remuneration of
influencers. Amazing figure: 63%
partnerships are not yet remunerated.
For partnerships
paid here is the average compensation grid:

average influencer compensation

87% of partnerships offer remuneration below
from 500 €.

And it’s still rare to make influence your job
since 86% of French influencers earn less than € 5,000 per year.

annual influencer gain

If you want more information on the relationship between
brands and influencers, I strongly encourage you to browse the study of

here to see the full study

Article written in
collaboration with Reech.