▷ Reflection: Is it always necessary to have a site when you want to communicate on the Internet? 2020 -

Between social networks, notably Facebook which allows you to reach any target, Google Maps which allows you to highlight your point or points of sale and solutions such as Facebook “Instant Articles”, “Pulse” Linkedin or other Medium which allow easily publish content with a good rendering whether on computer or mobile … Today we can ask the question of the need to have a website …

The question of the usefulness of a site

It was when I saw a publication on the MYCm Forum that I was led to ask myself this question.

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As much as when you have a website already well installed, the question does not arise, the site remains the center of communication and social networks and other non-proprietary media come to support the site. But when you start from scratch, the question deserves further consideration.

And yes, before getting results, several months can go by and if you want an audience quickly, you often have to plan a media budget that goes with it, at the risk of passing for a needle in a haystack. And when you have little or no budget, things get complicated and it’s perfectly normal to ask yourself the question of the usefulness of a site.

So certainly, if you are resourceful and have some skills in webmastering, you can easily make a site with WordPress, Joomla or other CMS. These CMS often require technical skills or a call to a service provider. Then there are also the simpler solutions such as Wix or other (see www.top10bestwebsitebuilders.com)! It’s not ideal but without budget or skill, it may be a solution to get started quickly.

Adapt your communication according to your activity and your objectives

To come back to the question of this article, I will say that everything will depend on the objective of your presence on the Internet. If it is a question of making e-commerce, the question does not arise, you need a site and a truly professional site, the call to a web agency or a developer accompanied by a web designer will be mandatory. Be careful, making an e-commerce site when you don’t have the skills can quickly be catastrophic (see this article in the Express)

If it is a question of promoting your activity without an online sales objective, there is potentially more question. Does a singer need a site? Not necessarily, a YouTube channel, a Facebook account fed with Instant Articles and a presence on other social networks can do the trick. In the same way a restaurant can very well generate business via a presence in Google Maps associated with Facebook and Twitter accounts and why not a newsletter without necessarily having a site (with a subscription form in a Facebook tab, for example). Last example, a startup in the process of launching, can very well present its project on social networks and Youtube while waiting for the finalization of its crowdfunding campaign or of its fundraising to then set up a site in a second time in case of success !

What about mobile?

mobile You should also be aware that mobile now represents a significant part of the web audience. With us, for example, it represents 25%, with others on more general themes, this can easily go up to 60%. So as much to tell you, that your online strategy, whether it integrates a website or not must be mobile.

If you opt for a site, think responsive design, or adapted mobile site. It’s impossible to ignore the mobile version today, it’s not Google who will tell you the opposite 🙂

If your strategy does not include a site but a suitable presence on social networks and content creation platforms, in this case, you will not have to worry about this aspect since all of its platforms are adapted to mobile, they are even often thought for (Facebook Instant Articles for example).

So, site or not site?

It is therefore possible, depending on the activity, not necessarily to have a site, which does not prevent you from having an online communication strategy and an associated budget. After all, it’s good to remember that whatever your activity, having a professional website reassures your potential customers.

In short, there are no standard answers, everything will depend on your communication strategy and there, whatever your means and with or without a site, we cannot ignore the implementation of a strategy to have a consistent web communication.

And you what do you think ? Is the website still a safe bet? Or can alternatives definitely replace a website when you are a business? It’s your turn to speak.

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