▷ Resource: the "Google SEO starter guide" - the start guide for SEO 2020 -

What other voice should you listen to when working on your site’s ranking in Google than … Google itself? Well our favorite search engine offers, in its section “Tools for webmasters”, a free PDF of 32 pages covering everything you need to know about SEO for Google…

Easy to read and illustrated with numerous screenshots and images, this document is aimed at beginners as well as those working in the field for a while and needing a little refreshing. Its content is divided into 6 main chapters covering the following subjects:

Training & Co'm
  • SEO basics;
  • Improve the site structure;
  • Content optimization;
  • Take care of the crawlers;
  • SEO for mobiles;
  • Development and analysis.

As the first few lines of the PDF explain, the advice from the Google team will not make you the first on selected keyword queries, but rather will help you “make your site and content easier to understand for search engines. ” And for that, the team set up a “fictitious site to follow throughout the guide” in order to support the explanations with concrete examples.

In addition, you will find at the end of each section a summary of “best practices” giving some important points to focus on. We can also see that certain words in the text are highlighted in yellow: these are the vocabulary terms whose definition is given at the bottom of the page in question. And if you ever need more information, the guide also indicates some quality links to deepen a particular point. Click on the image for a quick overview of all of this:

20121221-043617 PM.jpg

For me this document is a must, and now I always have it with me in my iPad since it is used to explain the main lines of SEO to customers, or simply to check certain points for my own projects. And since everyone does not have a Google account (at least not yet…), I suggest you download the document in question directly by following the following link:

Google Getting Started Guide>

And you, what is your SEO “bible”?