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As you know, when it comes to digital communication, it is essential to use the right tools and develop your knowledge on a regular basis to be effective. Matthieu Tranvan, whose excellent blog you must certainly know, has made available a list of essential tools, resources and ebooks, we share them with you …

Emarketing Resources

It is a real toolbox to support you in your development. Whether it is to create your site, generate traffic or save time thanks to better management of your web marketing, you will find your happiness in this selection. On our side, we already use WordPress, Mailchimp and Hootsuite, but the page still contains other tools that can help you. All tools have been tested and validated by Matthieu, a guarantee of quality.

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2 ebooks to download for free to boost your business

In addition to the tools, you will discover a selection of books to develop your knowledge. Including the two ebooks written by Matthew to download for free what is more.

His first ebook will help entrepreneurs formalize their ideas, write a business plan and put it in place. “The entrepreneur starter kit”, will help you to outline your business plan and develop your business. It will also teach you to pitch and defend your project with investors.

The second will help you set up your Marketing Personas to convert and boost your sales. An entire program ! ” Develop Marketing Personas that convert and boost your sales “Will give you a head start by getting to know your customers better. You will be guided from A to Z to build your personas and develop an e-commerce route to seduce these famous personas!

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Of course, the selection does not only include these two ebooks, you will find a selection of 33 books to devour to boost your skills. As a bonus, you will also have a list of online training courses.

And apart from that, I highly recommend reading his blog to complete your e-marketing watch veille

Discover the selection of Emarketing resources

Download the two ebooks for free to develop your business