▷ SameSame, an application to make yourself understood abroad #StartupDuMois Episode 13 2020 -

Already 13 episodes of #StartupDuMois! During the summer holidays, it is often a question of travel! If you plan to go abroad there is no doubt that SameSame, this July’s startup will interest you. A simple and well thought out application to make yourself understood whatever the language of your interlocutors …

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3 questions to the startup “SameSame”

Hello Alexandre, can you introduce “SameSame” to us?

SameSame is an application to help travelers make themselves understood, abroad, by showing images.

It is simple, fast, and usable 100% offline.

same same

How did the idea for this project come about?

I lived in Vietnam for 1 year and it was very complicated to communicate with the Vietnamese. I realized that the best way to make myself understood was to show images! This is how SameSame started …

to be understood abroad

What are the news / news from your startup in the coming months?

We are improving the number of images available to make sure you find the right one: we have gone from 400 to more than 700 images and it is not finished! We are also working on new options to further facilitate communication, the journey to others!

About SameSame

Download the application:

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  • Google Play Store.

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The journey to the other …

SameSame is not just a visual translator. Through SameSame, we want to encourage travelers to meet and interact with locals. In Vietnam, it was not the tourist places that touched me, that remained etched in my memory: it was the people I met! The Vietnamese: those who tried to communicate with me with no other end goal than to exchange! By daring to think outside the box, tourist places, I had incredible experiences! As in the Krong Bong region where, when the monsoon was in full swing and prevented me from continuing my roadtrip on a motorbike, men invited me to their table to eat grilled fish and drink rice spirit! They expected nothing from me, they just wanted to exchange, share a meal. And that’s the difference between traveling and visiting: sharing …

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