▷ Save time! Automate your customer reminders with VMS Events 2020 -
Saving time is vital
and focus on your core business to succeed. However, what requires
a lot of energy, these are the solutions
implemented to retain customers. The customer is at the heart of all
discussions, we have to find a way to convince him to come back and especially to
keep it as long as possible. But we can’t do it on a case-by-case basis
to personalize their customer relationship and be sure to meet their expectations
for him to come back, it would be way too long …The strong Neocom Multimedia company
from his 30 years of experience, has developed an innovative, original and
qualitative to strengthen and personalize the customer relationship. In this idea,
the company created and patented the VMS®. VMS® (voice message service) allows you to
drop a voice message on your contacts’ answering machine without ringing
their cell phone. The main advantages are:

  • Save time with a mass shipment.
  • Personalization because the customer feels
    privileged to have been contacted directly with a voice message.
  • Original because you are going through another medium.
  • Good feedback because messages on answering machine
    have almost 100% viewership.

The privileged relationship at the heart of VMS® Events:

But Neocom Multimedia did not stop there! The company has developed a new product, VMS® Events, to automate customer reminders. This new system allows you to notify customers throughout the year without having to lift a finger. The goal is to optimize your time by sending reminders to your customers on a recurring basis. To do this, you just need to have mobile numbers, dates associated with each number, and to record a voice message beforehand. It will be automatically broadcast to the numbers on each specified date. You only need to supply the elements once and afterwards Neocom takes over for programming. You save your time and your customers stay loyal.

For who ?

All sectors of activity are affected: whether it is small trade, mass distribution, banks, car dealerships, and many others… All can communicate with VMS® Events. VMS® Events is also used to inform about maintenance to be carried out every year, technical control, expiration on a contract, …

Practical case :

For each customer anniversary,
a clothing store wishes to offer a 20% discount on the entire store, a
day, at the customer’s choice. The manager wants to personally wish
the birthday of his client to make him feel privileged. But she
can’t do it by looking at his file every day and doing it at
dropper would be a significant waste of time. So she decides
to go through VMS® Events.

The principle is simple:

The shop has cards of
loyalty and can therefore provide mobile numbers with anniversary dates.
The manager will record her voice message using a phone number
and code, provided by Neocom Multimedia. And thereafter, Neocom Multimedia will
schedule customer reminders on associated dates over 6 months or over the year.

Example of VMS voice message® Events
registered by the manager:

“Hello, Julie Dupond, I
am the manager of your “Fashion” store. For this day
special, I wanted to personally wish you a happy birthday. And by
the same occasion, offer you a gift. The whole team and I would be
delighted to welcome you to offer you 20% discount on the whole shop,
the day of your choice. Come and take advantage of it in your “Fashion” store.
We look forward to seeing you. Have a nice day and see you soon. ”

Other VMS options® Events:

You can couple the VMS® with
a message. Ideal if you want to communicate a promo code, an address, a link
to a site,… Once your VMS® has been sent, your contact will receive a few
minutes later an SMS. With this duo offer, you are guaranteed to receive
your customer’s attention.

In the example above,
the store can send a promo code to show in store to benefit
a 20% discount on the day of the customer’s choice. If the client presents
days later, he will be able to prove that he will be entitled to his discount using the notified code
by text message.

Stay focused on your
business and let VMS Events technology do the rest. You don’t
will not regret, a privileged relationship allows loyalty.

For more information on VMS® Events, see the site vms-events.fr. You can send an email to [email protected] or telephone 01 77 57 20 20.

Video presentation :

Article written in collaboration with Neocom