▷ Scoop it, or how to become a Curator 2020 -

Curator. The word of the year 2011. After e-reputation and community management in 2009 and 2010, curator has already established itself as the word of the year 2011. Considered as a watchman, the curator is to the web what the editor-in-chief is in the press: he chooses to broadcast content or not. And this goes even beyond the dissemination of content, since the real curator will select from the mass of information the one that is interesting and then communicate the information to the right person at the right time and then archive it. This is the simplified definition that we could give it …

It is in this context that the Goojet decides to develop Scoop.it, a multimedia content creation and sharing platform that aims to be the curator platform. Concretely, the user, once his theme chosen, will publish interesting content (not necessarily his own) on the theme page. Here, unlike Twitter, we don’t follow a person, but a theme. Some examples : resources for web project manager, the most beautiful curling videos, acacia honey, penguin emperor parades, etc. In short, everything. Even a niche subject finds its audience on this platform.

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Smart at Scoop.it, they make life easier for the user by offering content to publish, retrieved from Google Blogs, Digg, Youtube or Twitter feeds which generate significant traffic. The purpose of the platform is therefore to make blogging (or re-blogging) accessible to all.

Very useful for developing its digital identity and positioning itself as an expert on a subject, we can bet that Scoop.it, for the moment in beta-private, will be able to find its audience.