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I am currently looking for partner sites to exchange links with the ASSU 2000 group’s sites: assu2000.fr, euro-assurance.com and assurscoot.com. If you have sites in the insurance, auto, two-wheeler or any other area related to these three sites, please don’t hesitate to contact me …

So I’m looking for partners for a netlinking campaign, link exchanges should be of quality as usual 🙂

For those who are interested, contact me via the contact form or via my email available at the bottom of the contact page.

For bloggers, it would be nice to pass on the news, and make some links in the process 🙂

The sites :

ASSU 2000 : www.assu2000.fr, Pagerank of 5, 91 pages indexed in Google, 6226 links according to Google tools for webmaster. The partners must be in themes close to auto insurance, home insurance, health insurance, savings or any type of insurance. They could also be in related themes: auto, housing, health…

The partner’s link can be made on the partner page, possibly depending on the site on the product sheets if this brings more than the content of the product sheet (example auto service on auto insurance …) other proposals can be studied. A lot of actions are underway and planned for the referencing of the site.

Euro-Insurance : www.euro-assurance.com, Pagerank of 4, 62 pages indexed in Google, 5204 links according to Google tools for webmaster. Quite a few good positions on all of the semantic motorcycle, two-wheeler insurance, etc. The partner sites should be in the following areas: various two-wheel insurance: motorcycle insurance, scooter insurance, quad insurance or cyclo insurance, two-wheel news, motorcycle, scooter, quad, cyclo …

The link can be made either on the partner page or on the useful links page, just as for ASSU 2000, other proposals can be studied.

AssurScoot : www.assurscoot.com, Pagerank of 4, 30 pages of indexes, 4617 links, good positions on small cylinder insurance: scooter insurance, cyclo insurance … The partners’ themes will be related to the scooter and the cyclo.

For the link, same principle as for Euro-Assurance.

Any proposal will be considered.