Sponsored Links – Searchware 4, the new version of the Bidbuddy bidmanagement tool – January 24, 2008

On January 8, Tradedoubler launched the new version of the Bid-management tool formerly called Bidbuddy. Its new name: Searchware 4…

The tools bid-management allow semi-automatic management of auctions for sponsored link campaigns. After having linked all of the campaigns to the tool and determined the strategy to be adopted (in relation to positioning, a CPA, etc.), the tool automatically manages the bids up or down.

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This kind of tool allows you to better control campaigns and ROI and to save time.

Tradedoubler acquired The Search Works, the publishing company of Bidbuddy, in 2007. At the start of 2008, the new version of the tool called Searchware 4.

The new features of Searchware 4 are inspired by market needs. They include in particular: immediate access to essential information; access to a majority of functions in 2 or 3 clicks; complete management of the editorial chain, freeing up time to optimize creations and analyzes; improved reporting presenting the key points of user navigation in order to optimize campaigns; a new feature called “Group Strategies” allowing the optimization of all keywords regardless of the structure of campaigns on search engines.

I am in the process of setting up the tool for the campaigns that I manage for ASSU 2000 and Euro-Insurance. I will have a better view of the tool to tell you about it at that time.

Source : Tradedoubler