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When working on the netlinking of a site, we know the importance of giving weight to the link that we have created towards the money site. It is necessary to bring juice to the links of 1st level. But this work can quickly become exhausting, and even unprofitable. Indeed, if you create 100 level 1 links and want to add only 5 backlinks to each link created, you will need 100 x 5 = 500 additional links. If you use the same linking methods as to your money site, this multiplies by 6 your cost of acquiring links …

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Not sure that this scheme will pay off for a very long time. But then, how do you do it?

Pareto’s law applied to your backlinks

As the economist Vilfredo Pareto says, 80% of the effects are the product of 20% of the causes. So do not work 100% of first level backlinks. The largest 20% will be sufficient.

How to apply this principle technically?

Determine the most important backlinks

Get your backlinks with your personal documents or with tools like Linkody which also allow you to verify that your links have not disappeared. So you will have your links in column A of Excel. You will be able to delete those which do not seem useful to you to work (nofollow links, comments of blogs drowned among 100 links,…).

Then, in column B, copy this formula ” = LEFT (A2; FIND ( “/”; A2; 8)) “Which allowsextract the domain name from the site that hosted your link.

In columns C and D, we will respectively recover the PR current pages linking to you and home pages from their site to see their potential.

Indeed, a site being PR5 and the page of your link being PR2 will have more potential than a site being PR3 with the page of your link being PR2.

To recover Page Ranks in Excel, there is an interesting tool called SeoTools which will allow you to recover a lot of interesting information directly in your Excel file. Be careful however, the treatment process is quite cumbersome. It will therefore be necessary to arm yourself with patience once the calculation of the PR launched on a hundred cells.


Extraction of the 20% of the most interesting links to work on the second level

backlink By sorting column D from largest to smallest. Then by sorting column C from largest to smallest, you will have your list in descending order of interest. If you have 100 links, keep only the first 20 and work on them first.

The proposed Excel file is relatively simple since it only takes into account the Page Rank as an indicator of interest. It’s up to you to add other indicators (number of outgoing links on the page, Alexa Rank, etc.) to have a selection calculated even more finely and according to your expectations.

The Pareto principle in all sauces

As we talked about in a previous article in CWT Advertising & co’m, Pareto’s law can also be used to boost your income and your visits.

Now give free rein to your imagination to use the techniques of this article or more generally of Pareto’s law to optimize your work.