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According to Larousse, self-confidence is synonymous with confidence, boldness, courage that comes from the awareness that one has his value, his luck. For Marie Robineau, lawyer, it allows you to dare and take risks. As for Olivier Besset, a business manager, he thinks that having self-confidence allows you to follow your guideline without doubting. And what is the place of self-confidence in entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is a form of courage

Entrepreneurship is an adventure in which the leader must make decisions, face difficulties and sometimes step into the unknown. Entrepreneurship means getting out of your comfort zone and taking risks. Entrepreneurship is therefore a form and a proof of courage. In this sense, an entrepreneur always has a minimum of self-confidence.

A disparate trust between entrepreneurs

Even if entrepreneurship requires a certain amount of self-confidence, it is not the same for all business leaders. Some are overconfident when others are more in doubt. This phenomenon is reflected in the greater or lesser risk aversion among entrepreneurs. Indeed, when some decide to open a franchise, others try their luck with a new concept of fast food, for which the chances of success will be thinner.

Self-confidence is a key to success

The degree of confidence conditions success. A manager who lacks self-confidence will exhibit two behaviors, according to Patrice Decoeur, entrepreneur and marketing consultant: either he will not face his challenges, or he will respond to them, but timidly. In both cases, this will prevent him from developing his business. In addition, an entrepreneur who is insecure and unconvinced will not be able to convince anyone. However, doing business requires convincing your banker, customers, investors, employees, etc. Self-confidence is a key to success.

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Develop self-confidence

For those who lack confidence, there is good news: it can develop quickly and sustainably. For this, many books exist on the subject. Plethora of sites and blogs also give advice to develop and maintain self-confidence. It is also possible to use specialized coaches or follow online coaching programs, such as that offered by Act’In Coach.

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