Previously we saw how to sell your book on iTunes, today we will focus on the Amazon case. If you’ve managed to get by with Apple’s iBook Store, you’ll see, selling on Amazon is a breeze. Let’s go, let’s see the 5 step method …

1st step: Adapt your ebook to .mobi format

Amazon and Kindle have their own format, it’s the Mobi format. The first step is therefore to adapt your book to this format. You can find the method by following this link: Adapting your Ebook to mobi format.

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2nd step: Obtain an ISBN and EIN number

The ISBN is the number that you can find on any book, it is an international standard number used to identify a book in a given edition. It is not mandatory for an Ebook but the request is free and fast, so ask for it from Afnil to be perfectly square. (Find the procedure to obtain it by clicking here).

Amazon is an American company, so you will need an EIN to sell your book on this platform. The EIN is the American tax number allowing you to sell your products on the American territory. (Find the procedure to obtain it by clicking here).

You have your book in the right format and your ISBN and EIN numbers, now let’s get to the heart of the matter: integrating your book on Kindle Direct Publishing, the platform for selling digital books on Amazon and Kindle Store.

Step 3: Create your Kindle Direct Publishing account

Go to If you already have an Amazon account, you can use your credentials to log into Kindle Direct Publishing. If you haven’t already, just create one.

Once connected, you will now enter your billing information so that Amazon can pay you for the sales of your books.

Click on your account at the top right of the screen (under the heading “Chez [VOTRE NOM]”).

You must then enter your publisher information (your company name if applicable, your address and telephone number) and your bank details for payment.

Once done, you must also pass the US tax interview which, once completed and validated by Amazon, will allow you to sell your digital goods on Amazon and Kindle Store.

Sell ​​ebook amazon kdp

Answer a series of questions … Nothing complicated, remember to have your EIN number because you will be asked for it during the interview. Once the interview is over, wait for Amazon to validate your file (usually 2/3 days). This wait does not prevent you from putting your first ebook online.

The administrative steps to sell your book on Amazon having been completed, let’s move on to submitting your first book.

Step 4: Sell your first book on Amazon / Kindle

To get started, click “Add New Title” when you are on the KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) home page.

Fill in the information about your book first:

  1. The title of your book;
  2. The subtitle (optional);
  3. The edition number.
  4. The publisher;
  5. Its description.

Sell ​​Amazon KDP ebook

Then indicate the different contributor (s), the language, the date of publication as well as your ISBN number.

Sell ​​Amazon KDP ebook

Once this information is completed, you must confirm that you have publication rights for the book and indicate the sections in which you wish to appear. You can browse Amazon topics according to the theme of your book. In our case (The guide to good practices on Twitter), we have indicated the headings:

  1. Business and Economy> Marketing
  2. Computers> Web> Social Networking.

You can also specify keywords (up to 7) to qualify your book.

Then you need to upload a cover image.

Sell ​​Amazon KDP ebook

Now let’s move on to the most important: your book. Upload the .mobi file and activate or not the digital rights management (DRM).

Sell ​​Amazon KDP ebook

Before validating your book, remember to preview the result. Depending on the method of creating the .mobi file, there are sometimes unpleasant surprises. To avoid this, you can use the online preview tool offered by Amazon.

Sell ​​Amazon KDP ebook

If you prefer, you can also download the preview tool to do your display tests without being logged into your KDP account. You can download the tool here. On this page, you will also find tools to help you in the creation of your books in .mobi format. I advise you to go take a look.

Sell ​​Amazon KDP ebook

Once you are sure of the display, click on “Save and continue”.

Your book is almost ready to be published, now configure your publication rights and the price of your book in the different territories.

Step 5: Configure the publication rights and the price of your book on Amazon / Kindle

Indicate the different countries in which you have the rights to publish the book.

Sell ​​Amazon KDP ebook

Then choose your royalty rate. I advise you to read this help page offered by Amazon on royalties before making your choice among the different options offered. You must indicate a price in dollars, prices in euros and in other currencies will adapt to this price.

Sell ​​Amazon KDP ebook

Once the price has been set, you have to activate or not the different options offered by KDP.

  • If you have a paper version of your book sold on Amazon, you can offer your readers a discounted price on the electronic version. To do this, activate the “Kindle MatchBook” option.
  • The Book Loan option gives buyers permission to lend your book to their contacts for a period of 14 days.

Sell ​​Amazon KDP ebook

Here it is, you just have to validate the form. Your book will then be published.

Sell ​​Amazon KDP ebook

And after ?

Upon validation of your book, you will receive a confirmation email with the possibility of creating your author page. The author page is an additional way to gain visibility on Amazon. Add a photo and description. You can even display your Twitter account with your last tweet, example with my author page: Sylvain Lembert Amazon.

Sell ​​Amazon KDP ebook

You can find our book “Guide to good Twitter practices on Amazon”

And you ? Have you ever sold an eBook on Amazon? If not, do you plan to do so? Tell us everything.