For an effective natural referencing (or SEO for the intimate ones), you will have to play on 3 pillars : technical optimization of your site, optimization of your content and optimization of your popularity. Today focus on working on your popularity with 5 steps to set up an effective netlinking strategy …

Before we start, when it comes to netlinking prefer
always quality over quantity.

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The goal is to get links from recognized sites and in a theme close to yours. There is no point in multiplying low-quality partnerships at the risk of being penalized by Google. And above all, we should avoid making links considered to be a “Google link system”.

After this little aside, let’s see how to do things well? !

1: Select potential partner sites using indicators

The first step will be to identify potential partners.

To do this, you will select them via:

  1. Their quality and editorial frequency. The more quality the site has, the more likely you are that the partner will also be quality for your referencing.
  2. Some SEO indicators like: the number of pages indexed (the more pages the better, use the site command: follow the url of the partner site), the age of the site (which you can find via who. is), the number of links that the site has itself as well as its authority (two indicators that you can obtain via Moz Open Site Explorer). By combining these different indicators you will be able to judge the popularity of the partner site.

And to identify partner sites, you can simply
help you from your friend Google, by typing expressions related to your

Diversify your links for a natural link profile

To keep in mind when you go to set up your
netlinking strategy: always diversify the types of links that
you’re going to do to have a natural link profile.

Approach link building in a natural way without optimization
in mind, avoid making only optimized links with texts
corresponding to your keyword.

You can do some but don’t just do that. The
it is best to let the partner write the link without constraint.

Likewise, favor links in content, avoid links
footers, on pages dedicated to links or other areas of the site little

Finally, create links so progressive and diversified.

2: Organize with a tracking file

Over time, you will accumulate partners. Moreover
partnerships may take several weeks to set up.
Gradually the work of netlinking will become harder and harder to
to follow. It is therefore important to organize well!

Here, Excel will be your friend.

You can create an Excel file for tracking
partnership to effectively follow all stages of implementation.

Think about it from the start so as not to lose information by
on the road.

In this file, you can enter: the site of
partner, its popularity indicators, the type of partnership envisaged, the
tariff, where you are in negotiations, the next step with a reminder
of the tracking date… It’s up to you to create your tracking dashboard
custom netlinking

3: Propose relevant partnerships

In order to make as many links as possible, you will have to
propose relevant partnerships for the sites you will contact. For
be efficient, think “real partnership” and user benefit
before SEO. The latter will come naturally if things are done right.

Generally the simplest and safest in terms of
netlinking remains editorial partnerships.

Offer quality content to your partners or
material for writing relevant content on their side (studies,
infographics and other value-added content).

4: Track your partnerships over time

Once the partnership is concluded, it is necessary to monitor its implementation

… Has the link been inserted correctly, has it been followed or nofollow …

And also follow it over time to avoid
unpleasant surprises from partner deletion of content.

You will understand, it is a real job, the establishment
and follow-up can be time-consuming, opt for a dedicated person
internal (SEO specialist or marketing professional who followed
SEO training) or why not a specialized agency.

If you want to do it by yourself, train yourself in SEO to be more effective. Our “SEO fundamentals” module will be perfect in this case. He is CPF eligible, click here to find him on the “My Training Account” platform. This module is part of our certification week, go take a look at the full program here?

5: Consider Linkbaiting operations

Latest technique that can be effective in your strategy
netlinking: linkbaiting!

What is linkbaiting?

It’s a technique of focusing on creating
High quality content and promote it to generate links
100% natural way.

Here you will need to have an ultra-sophisticated content strategy and
original to draw the attention of other sites so that they do
naturally links to you.

Some examples :

  • The creation of a blog regularly fed with content
  • Carrying out a study or white paper or
    computer graphics;
  • The organization of an original and attractive competition;
  • Setting up an interview with a personality of your
  • Do something unexpected or special to talk about

It’s your turn !

And you ? what are your methods for working the
popularity of your site and SEO?