Since the end of last year, Google embarked on real-time search (Real Time Search) by including tweets and other social media posts in its results…

The real-time search function is currently only available in other versions of Google should benefit from it very soon. So, it’s important to optimize now if you haven’t already made your Twitter account.

As a reminder, a Tweet is 140 characters, which is very short for easy positioning in a search engine. So your room for maneuver is mainly on Username, name, and bio.

Below, 8 techniques to optimize Twitter:

1. Username: choose it in relation to your industry or take the name of your blog or website. You can otherwise create several Twitter accounts, an official (name of your site) and a theme (relating to your market).

2. The field name, it populates the tag title which will be indexed in search engines to find your account.

3. The field Organic has 160 characters that serve as a tag Meta Description. Describe your industry with targeted keywords.

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4. Write well tweets. The beginning of tweets should be particularly careful because it is part of what Google selects with your account name to create a Title of about 42 characters. Generally speaking, care should be taken over the content of your tweets because they are also indexed.

5. External links

As a reminder, all outgoing links (bio or tweets) are in nofollow, therefore not followed by the engines. Add still the url of your website in your Twitter account indeed even if this link is not considered as an inbound link by the search engines it will bring you direct traffic.

6. Optimize your popularity

It seems that Google uses a technology similar to that of PageRank.

As with a website, a link to your Twitter account increases your popularity. In other words: 1 follower = 1 link. However, as with a website, quantity alone is not enough. Indeed, the quality of the Follower that follows you counts in the ranking of search engines. We speak of “reputable followers”. In summary: 1 quality follower = 1 quality link.

Be careful not to overuse hashtags. As a reminder, a hashtag is a keyword preceded by a #. It allows you to group messages around the same theme, the same place or the same event. Hashtags are synonymous with a poor quality Tweet. They will be used to prevent spam.

7. Find Followers

Start by searching via Twitter for profiles that have something in common with your sector and also Twitter Marketing, Buzz.

You can also use the rankings of popular Twitters to identify influencers such as: or Another tip is to find the followers of your followers (friends of your friends) with

Marketing Consulting also recommends going to the thematic list of influential Wikio bloggers to identify who are the thought leaders in your industry, and then researching them using the Twitter search engine.


8. Animation and promotion of your Twitter

Update your Twitter frequently, retweet in particular the content you consider to be of high quality, personalize the design of your account, chat with your Followers. This will naturally increase your number of followers and therefore your possibilities of being retweeted.

Add an icon to your site preferably at the top of the page to let your visitors know they can follow you on Twitter. You can also add a button to share your article on Twitter, see list of 31 logos and buttons for Twitter.

Feel free to list your Twitter in directories such as or link your account on Linkedin etc.

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