▷ SEO: Automate the verification of your partner links 2020 -

In SEO, the netlinking and managing partners can take an enormous amount of time as the number of partners increases. Checking that the links are in place can take a long time. This is where the Backlink checker tool comes in to automate this part of SEO …

Need to regularly check partner links …

If the scrupulous referrer systematically checks the correct placement of the link at the start of a partnership, it does not mean that the partner keeps the link ad vitam aeternam. It also doesn’t say that it will alert you after removing your link.

Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the correct establishment of links on its network of partners. This task although essential is rather daunting, so if a tool offers to automate this part of the work of netlinking, why miss it?

Backlink Checker: an SEO tool to automate link verification…

Backlink Checker will check at regular intervals the posting of links on your entire network of partners. If the tool detects that a link is no longer online, it will automatically send you an alert so that you can take the necessary measures: contact the partner, delete the partner link on your site, etc. this SEO tool an overview of the link status of your partner network.

We often come across while surfing that former partners have deleted the hard-negotiated link before, having a tool like Backling Checker allows us to be reactive and quickly put the link exchange back in place.

It takes € 168 for a one-year subscription to the tool. Before you decide you can test the tool for free for a month. Ample time to get a good idea of ​​the tool and see if the solution is really useful to you.

If you want to test, just go to the Backlink Checker site here: www.backlink-checker.net