▷ SEO: Easily measure the loading time of your pages via Google Analytics 2020 -

The new version of Google Analytics, still in beta version, has many improvements. One of them is the measurement of page load time. The latter is now taken into account by Google for the ranking of sites, this new analysis will delight SEOs …

If Google wants to make search and the web as a whole faster, it is better to side with its side to maintain our positions in serps. Until now, measurement of loading time was not necessarily easy for marketers, now it is integrated into their favorite tool: Google Analytics.

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We can now accurately measureloading time marketing impact… How does it affect the user experience? Which page is taking too long to display? How is the site transformation rate affected? So many questions that will find answers 🙂

To access this information, you must first switch to the new version of the audience analysis tool (by clicking on “New version” at the top right of the screen). Load analyzes are then found in the “content” section.

By locating pages that take a long time to display and comparing them with those that display quickly, you will be able to identify the elements slowing down the loading.

Speaking of loading times, are you paying attention? If yes, what are your actions to improve it?

Source: Google Analytics Blog