▷ SEO: How do you know if your site is penalized by Google? 2020 -

When we see a drop in traffic from search engines (not to say Google), we quickly tend to think that his site has been penalized especially when the drop in traffic is brutal. But this is not always the case, the drop in traffic may be linked to a change in positioning without reflecting a real penalty. Let’s see together how to analyze the situation…

Take stock of its SEO strategy and implement appropriate actions

Before starting to consider a penalty, it is essential to take a step back on its SEO strategy: who are the different stakeholders to participate in the SEO of my site (internal and external)? What actions have been taken so far? Is that some of these actions violate Google guidelines …

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Generally, if you and your partners involved in your SEO publish content written in the normal way and you do not practice wild link creation, there is no reason to be penalized. This is surely a drop in traffic linked to a change in results or simply a seasonal effect.

If on the contrary you judge that certain contents or certain links can provoke the wrath of Google, start to list the various contents and links (in a file to follow the project more effectively) then take the necessary corrective actions. Remove poor content and contact non-quality partners to remove the links. If necessary disapprove of the links of poor quality.

If your strategy is a bit in between and you are not sure whether or not you are penalized. A more in-depth analysis must be put in place in order to redirect the referencing strategy if necessary. You can, for example, study the evolution of your positioning on a panel of keywords and see if a sudden fall has occurred at a given time. For this, I recommend the SEM Visu tool (read our article on the subject).

Also, log into Google’s webmaster tools to verify that you have not received a message from Google’s teams. You can also go to the tool offered by the Ranks.fr site which will tell you after an analysis, whether your site is penalized or not! Note that if it is a mobile site or an application, it will be more difficult to see whether the referencing of applications has resulted in a penalty or not due to certain technical specifications.

What to do in the event of a penalty?

As seen above, reordering its editorial strategy and netlinking actions is essential. If you work with an SEO consultant, turn to them for support. If this is not the case, some consultants specialize in lifting the penalty. Example: the site of this SEO consultant. In any case, it is important not to rush but to take the time to analyze the situation finely and put in place an effective action plan.