▷ SEO: Text Link Ads arrives in England 2020 -

After Linklift and Teliad, a third link buying and selling agency is entering England: Text Link Ads. Pioneer in this industry and leader in the United States, the agency arrives here as well as in Germany, Spain and Latin America. Although the purchase of links is prohibited by search engines, netlinking remains one of the essential factors in SEO. By buying targeted links in related topics the effects are often positive …

The main benefit of link buying campaigns is the effects they can have on SEO. We can also note an influx of traffic depending on the sites that we select. Given the prohibited nature of the engines, it is essential to carefully select the sites present in this type of management. Text Link Ads sets a series of strict criteria that sites wishing to integrate their catalog must meet.

Text Link Ads is positioned as an intermediary between site owners wishing to monetize their spaces and advertisers wishing to improve their visibility and optimize their referencing.

The intermediation will be done via the service provider’s exchange platform. The idea is to make it easy to exchange links which can take a long time to negotiate in a natural way. Note that TLA has a team specialized in SEO and linkbuilding to support its customers.

To get a better idea of ​​the offer, Alain Bensimon, Country Manager England at TLA agreed to answer our questions:

Hello Alain, first of all, could you quickly introduce Text Link Ads England and tell us what is the difference between your offer and the two other players on the French market?

First Text Link Ads is the first company to offer a massive catalog of high quality sites on which advertisers can link to their site. Teliad and Linklift have only reproduced a model that we have been developing in the United States since 2001.

Next, Text Link Ads has a team of SEO specialists whose main tasks are to assist our clients in all aspects of their SEO and mainly in LinkBuilding strategy. Our customers therefore benefit from our 10 years of experience in the field.

Third, we have the largest catalog of sites in the world. We work with over 40,000 sites on which we place links. Everyday this catalog grows whether in England, the United States, Spain or Latin America.

In addition, our international network of more than 3000 advertisers allows websites and blogs of all themes to monetize their sites.

Finally, Text Link Ads is part of the MediaWhiz group, a major player in online marketing. As such, our customers can also benefit from all of our group’s e-marketing services upon request.

What are the advantages of this type of campaign?

Having a solid network of text links on thematically relevant sites is an essential aspect of SEO. The search engine algorithm for ranking sites during a search gives paramount importance to the number of links that point to your site. A good quality portfolio will therefore allow you to improve your positioning on search engines which will generate targeted traffic to your site.

We know the risks of campaigns to buy and sell links compared to the guidelines of search engines, what would you say to reassure publishers and advertisers so that they test your platform?

It is impossible to determine if a link has been purchased. A link that is placed on a site of our partners is nothing different from a link placed during a link exchange or a reference made by a site to another site.

When an editor places a link within the framework of our program, this leaves no trace, it is simply a classic text link.

Over the past ten years our team of SEO specialists has developed a unique know-how in the field of linkbuilding. So we know which strategies are effective and which mistakes should not be made.

Engines are becoming more and more efficient at detecting link buying and selling. What is your opinion regarding the future of the market?

I must say that on this first question I do not share your opinion. As I explained before, search engines can never be 100% sure that a given site sells or buys links when the operation is carried out correctly. We are therefore confident for the future, hence our decision to invest full time in the European market, which is extremely promising because the sector is booming.

Finally, TLA has been part of the MediaWhiz group since 2007, does the latter operate in England, if so can you present us its offer?

MediaWhiz is present in England through our subsidiary Text Link Ads. We are fully capable of meeting the demand of international clients in all areas of online marketing, from email marketing to SEO to affiliate.

Thank you Alain for your answers. If you also have questions about the Text Link Ads offer, you can contact Alain Bensimon ([email protected] / 09 75 18 01 04)

You can find the Text Link Ads offer here: www.text-link-ads.fr