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Google Data Studio connected to the Google Search Console

In short : Data Studio, the Google data reporting and visualization tool is now integrated into the Google Search Console.

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Impact: Google data studio allows you to create reports for your customers with data visualization while adding your logo. By connecting to the Search Console, Data Studio provides a global view of the data extracted from Google Analytics, from the Google Search Console automatically.

In addition to saving time, it allows you to create personalized reports for your customers while adapting them to their needs. Since the reports can be shared, you can give your customers direct access to view the reports. Depending on their SEO knowledge, I still advise you to favor a meeting to present your results and bring your SEO expertise.

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Google Data Studio now connects to Search Console

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AMP accessible for 1 billion more people in Asia

In short : The main search engines in Asia – Baidu, Sogou and Yahoo Japan – have adopted AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Impact: There are now 860,000 domains using AMP worldwide. Google has confirmed that AMP pages are not a SEO factor. However, the download speed of a page is. While web pages take between 7 and 10 seconds to load, AMP pages load in less than a second on average.

Encourage your customers who have news and / or blog sections to implement AMP and do some tests. With the Asian market open, be sure to keep your customers informed. For customers who already have AMPs, all you have to do is check the status of your pages in the Google search console.

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IOS applications now benefit from local and AMP search filters

In short : Google has added new local search filters like “Top Rated” and “Open Now” as well as more GPA and access via the Gboard (Google keyboard for smartphones).

Impact: Like last year, Google continues to develop local searches and MPAs in the market. This news confirms that Google prefers to show geographically optimized results and pages that load quickly. As a reminder, the Google search engine is optimized to better serve the Internet user, these updates reflect a wish on the part of users.

Optimizing your site locally is one way you don’t miss out on opportunities to increase your click through rate.

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Google My Business no longer accepts virtual offices

In short : Google My Business (geolocated SEO tool launched in June 2014) clarified that virtual tours are not considered a local service. If you don’t have a physical business for the service you provide, there really isn’t much reason to have a virtual tour of your offices.

Impact: Companies serving the customer with a physical store must have a page for their main office and specifically designate the location of the store.

For local businesses, be sure to update your data. Google My business is a service that provides attractive visibility on the Google search engine and that really highlights your business.

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Google iOS app gets new local search filters, more AMP support & Gboard access

Update of the SEO algorithm nicknamed “Fred”

In short : Major players in the SEO world, the SEO community and SEO tools have seen significant changes that demonstrate that Google’s algorithm has been updated.

Impact: It seems that this latest update would focus on the quality of the links and their content. Last February, an update regarding quality content was already observed.

This reinforces the idea of ​​creating quality, unique, useful and search engine optimized content, especially when created with the intention of aggregating links. Creating content for the web should be approached differently from a marketing strategy. This task is certainly not simple and must go through an education of the client (and sometimes of your colleagues).

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