▷ SEO: What's new for Google, Bing and Yahoo. 2020 -

Here is the latest news regarding SEO and global search engines …

What’s new this week at Google:

Optimization of sites for television.

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Google has announced that its Google TV platform is now optimizing your site so that you can view it comfortably on your sofa. Optimizing your site with Google TV “(User Interface) will provide those viewing the site from their couch a better browsing experience using the remote control keyboard.

What’s new this week at Bing:

Bing and Microsoft Tag now make it easy to download the Perfect App.
Bing has announced the launch of the “Microsoft Tag” for iPhone users. With the new Bing Microsoft Tag features introduced in the Visual Search gallery, you can download apps at a glance.

What’s new this week for Yahoo:

Yahoo put forward via an interesting post on their research blog, a study made on the behavior of Internet users. This is a recent exploratory study of multimedia user research. The aim of this research is to better understand how people carry out their research, once the results have been obtained how users consume the results of their research and finally what their tastes are (what they like, what they hate) in multimedia research.