▷ SEO Yandex: Russian SEO 2020 -

Yandex is the most popular search engine in Russian-speaking countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the former Soviet republics (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan) with almost 65% of the market share. SEO on Yandex can thus become an important issue for your e-business. And if you want to market your site to Russian-speaking Internet users, you will first have to optimize your site for Yandex and then for Google. But how is it really special? In this article, I suggest that you address the SEO specifics of Yandex …

Ranking factors for Yandex

Yandex’s algorithm includes almost 800 factors in its ranking algorithm. It is difficult to take into account all these SEO optimization factors, but we can classify them by the most important categories:

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  • Technical factors;
  • Semantic factors;
  • User experience on the site;
  • Regional factors;
  • Commercial factors.

Technical and semantic factors

Yandex algorithms give a lot of importance to the structure of the page (Title, Hn markup, alt attribute, etc.) as well as to the content (size, originality, integration of keywords in the text, grammar, use of synonyms , etc.). To avoid duplicate content, Yandex Webmaster Tools allows you to declare your content as original. This must be true, because the Yandex algorithm will check the content on the aspect of duplicate content against the different sites talking about the same problem, and the date of publication.

The user experience

Yandex notably studies the experience of visitors to your site via page views, time spent, bounce rate and actions performed on the page (for example a completed form). All these data, Yandex integrates them into its classification system. This is why it becomes very important to analyze the data via WebVisor, a free tool from Yandex Metrika, to find out what problems your internet users are having. This therefore improves the content and structure of the page if necessary.

Regional factors in Yandex

Yandex takes into account the geolocation criterion (like Pigeon at Google). Internet users’ queries are divided into geo-dependent and geo-independent queries, where the former present you with different results depending on the region.

For example, the query “buy Mercedes” geolocated in the Moscow region displays the results below:

geo requests localized seo yandex

The same non-geolocated query displays the following results:

non-geo localized requests

You can see that these are not the same sites that stand out in SEO on this request.

To calculate the relevance of your site, Yandex also takes into account commercial factors such as:

  • Ergonomics (intuitive navigation, good plan);
  • Design ;
  • The quality of site services (absence of advertising, delivery service, customer service);
  • Credibility (detailed contacts, readability of the domain name, size of the product catalog).

As you can see, respecting these criteria will help you to properly reference your site and gain visibility on Yandex.