Last week, we introduced Weezee! As I told you, for the month of September, we decided, with CB News, to highlight 2 startups instead of one. Today, I invite you to discover Sharette, a super well thought-out urban carpooling application. Let’s go…

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3 questions to the startup “Sharette”

Hello Catherine, can you introduce Sharette to us?

Sharette is an urban and instant carpooling application, connected to public transport. Sharette makes it possible to put drivers and passengers in Ile-de-England for short distance journeys. Sharette allows drivers to share their journeys and have fun while driving while helping passengers. On the passenger side, by carpooling you save time on your journey and you gain in comfort! All for € 2.36 whatever the distance traveled, of which € 2 goes to the driver.

Sharette launched out to the general public this summer, in partnership with the RATP as part of the work of the RER A.

How did the idea for this project come about?

Grégoire de Pins, founder of the project, joined by Adrien Kohlbecker traveled a lot in the Paris region by public transport. One day, Grégoire de Pins was waiting at a bus stop, late for an appointment. Seeing all the cars passed with only one driver on board, he came up with the idea of ​​integrating drivers into the public transport network. The concept of Sharette was born.

What are the news / news from your startup in the coming months?

We have received a lot of feedback since the launch. We therefore continue to improve the application continuously since July, with new features (republication for drivers in particular). To accelerate the development of the application, we recruit Angular JS developers, a designer-integrator, a product manager, an operational intern. Join us !

About Sharette

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Shared mobility

Shared mobility is a new form of everyday mobility which is gradually gaining ground in urban mobility.

Blablacar, Drivy, Airbnb and other leading collaborative platforms are mainly used for ad hoc needs, meeting a specific need (holidays, weekends, moving…). However, the question that really arises today is how can we integrate this shared mobility into our daily lives without forcing ourselves? This is Sharette’s challenge: to transform the minds of Ile-de-England residents every day.

Shared mobility has positive consequences for the environment. We are reducing the number of cars on the road, and therefore improving the air quality. On a personal level, fewer traffic jams and a greater availability of parking spaces reduce nervous tensions due to driving and allow better time optimization. At the financial level, these solutions allow you to share your travel costs, while gaining user-friendliness on your journeys. So everyone is a winner.

On the passenger side, the effects are similar: fewer connections by public transport, less tension. In both cases, Sharette wants to make you smile on your daily journeys.

Technology at the service of smart cities.

The technologies behind the applications make it possible to meet everyone’s needs and constraints by offering them simple and tailor-made solutions. Sharette brings real added value to current debates around the climate and a better way to get around town thanks to digital technology. The objective for cities is to boost their territory while reducing their carbon footprint.

Complementary to the public and private structures already set up and promoted by urban areas, Sharette and the collaborative economy, thanks to its density and ease of expansion, can in particular make it possible to open up certain areas that are not very dense by public transport. Car sharing would be a solution to be implemented more effectively in cities, especially during periods of alternating traffic.

In conclusion, welcome to the new sharing mobility promoted by Sharette! Whether you are ready or not, this revolution is well underway with the watchword: “Trust us and make life easier.”