The digital revolution in our society is forcing companies to embark on a process of digital transformation. More than an alternative, this moult is necessary to maintain their competitiveness. Sometimes perceived as a constraint, it is above all an opportunity to rethink the strategy implemented so that this digital revolution constitutes for these companies a lever for growth …

This is how many organizations have implemented a comprehensive overhaul of their marketing strategy. Inbound marketing, for example, is an innovative approach to increase the visibility of a commercial offer on the Internet, and by extension to generate qualified leads. So companies are putting their digital presence at the service of their business development.

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However, it would be simplistic to associate the digital revolution with a simple behavioral evolution. With it, many technological innovations have emerged which, once established, can improve the productivity of your business. This is the reason why the digital transformation of your organization should not be limited to the strategic dimension, it also concerns the tools made available to your teams. One of the most representative examples of technology for your productivity is that of enterprise IP telephony.

Modern telephony, at the service of your productivity

Historically, the telephone has always been the preferred communication channel for companies to communicate with their partners, their prospects or their customers. In addition, there are now computer applications (CRM, ERP, etc.) that facilitate the processing of information flows by the sales force.

Should we however oppose historical and modern tools? Not really ! The emergence of ToIP (internet telephony) has generalized the dematerialization of corporate communications. This digitization thus facilitates the connections between your marketing tools and your business telephony, a particularly interesting interaction in an Inbound Marketing approach.

How does the digitalization of telephony serve your Inbound Marketing strategy?

In the short term, implementing an Inbound Marketing strategy allows your company to reduce its investment in prospecting new customers. The interest of such a strategy is, in fact, to set up strong audience acquisition channels, so much so that they naturally generate qualified contacts for your sales force.

This paradigm shift requires specific measures to be implemented within your company, so as to facilitate the processing of the increase in incoming calls. With this in mind, connecting your telephony to your IT tools seems to be a preferred solution. This type of association indeed offers many practical functions, such as coupling your telephony to your CRM, intelligent routing of calls, statistical analysis of the telephone activity of your structure … which once established, significantly improve the productivity of your teams.

The added value that modern telephony brings to your marketing strategy thus constitutes proof that a digitalization of your approach must be done in a strategic and also practical way, in order to better serve your commercial interests.