▷ Should the legal profession use advertising? 2020 -

Not only does a lawyer have the right to advertise, but it must be used to defend his activity. A law firm is a business by nature and needs to grow in the same way. However, not everything is allowed to achieve this. Communication must respect very specific rules!

What are the rules in this area?

The rules of procedure of the Bar Association impose specific rules regarding personal advertising. Articles 10.1 to 10.8 of these regulations set out the various characteristics, authorized notices and prohibited notices for an advertisement.

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Article 10.2 specifies that “canvassing” and “solicitation” are strictly prohibited. As a result, a lawyer cannot practice door-to-door canvassing or at work. He cannot offer his services without being invited to do so. All remote communication techniques are therefore prohibited (e-mailing, prospectuses, leaflets, letters, posters, advertising films, radio or television broadcasts, etc.).

Article 10.3 however authorizes the organization of symposia, seminars or training. A lawyer can also participate in a trade show. The Order finally authorizes specialized companies to communicate for lawyers (see www.jurifiable.com)

The provisions are identical for professional business cards as well as announcements, announcements and brochures (article 10.5 to article 10.8).




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Each advertisement is strictly supervised by the Bar Association. It must be truthful and respectful of professional secrecy and must not include laudatory, comparative or nominative statements. A law firm cannot therefore present itself as “the most important international law firm” or as “the best law firm in England”. The advertisement cannot mention the names of the firm’s recent clients.


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Article 10.4 also regulates the content of documents intended for third parties. The stationery particularly attracts the attention of the Order. It must include the address of the firm, the website, the surname and first name (s) of the lawyer, the membership bar and the telephone number.

You can also find the lawyer’s email address, university titles and diplomas, professional distinctions, specializations, participation in pooling facilities (GIE), logo or ISO certification. .