▷ Should we have content adapted to each social network? 2020 -

There are questions where the answer seems simple. Do you have to present different content on each of your social networks? Yes. Next question ? More seriously, take stock of the pros and cons of speaking differently depending on where you speak …

Don’t just be part of the landscape!

Everyone wants to be unique today. It’s a bit of a group effect, you have to admit, but it’s like that. If you give your customers the impression that you are personally speaking to them, they will pay you much more attention.

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Now, if you say the same thing to everyone on all your social networks … you will just look like a crowd stalker that makes a background noise, but that nobody really listens to!

Use all the advantages of personalization

If you still remember a little bit of your French lessons, you have heard of the difference between colloquial and sustained language. To summarize, you will in principle not address the same way to a crowned head and your friends on the street…

It’s the same on social media, simply because you shouldn’t systematically find the same audience there. Even the age groups shown are not identical, as this study by Comscore shows.

social media age study

On Instagram, you will reconnect with lovers of beautiful images, on Twitter, it will be the reign of short sentences and gifs, on Facebook you will be able to detail a little more what you are doing … And everyone will be able to find their account.

The trick to not waste too much time on networks

You probably already know that being on social media can be very time consuming. There are tools to simplify this process, such as Hootsuite or Buffer. But if you have to search for different topics for each of your accounts, you could be wasting your days.

You have to personalize the experience on social media. But nothing prevents you from just changing the packaging and the content is the same! A different intro phrase for each account can make the difference. Then simply republish posts already offered by others on these social networks: they do the work for you, take advantage! And all you have to do now is to design, from time to time, really new content for each of your profiles. Don’t forget them: they are the ones who will make your subscribers want to follow you from one social network to another. But they don’t necessarily have to match all of your posts.

Finding the right content, the right tone, is a process that is both that of a content manager and a community manager. Because yes, relaying your blog articles in different ways on your social networks is just as important. Don’t settle for the minimum, always go further!