▷ Should you advertise Google Ads / AdWords? 2020 Guide -

If you are interested in the existing digital communication levers, then you have certainly heard of Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) advertising. And for good reason : whatever your sector of activity, your targets, your objectives …, Google Ads advertising can meet your expectations! It is also quite likely that some of your competitors have already activated this most popular web marketing lever. But … just because others are doing it doesn’t mean you should be doing it, is it 😐? So, why should you advertise Google Ads… or not?


I know you know, but you don’t know what I know

I’ll give you a few seconds to re-read my splendid subtitle above (not a little proud of the guy 😎)!

Trainer training

It’s been a good ten years that I bathe in the world of webmarketing (Rooh, the phrase of old 🙁) and that I exchange daily with leaders, marketing and communication managers … Most tell me they know what it is Google Ads / AdWords advertising.

However, during the discussions, I often face some false beliefs and / or some trial and error …

“I admit it’s a bit blurry! “

It seems that a picture is better than 1000 words (confession for confession: it suits me, because it hurts my fingers to type 1000 words).

Above is a screenshot of a search ” Car recovery Nantes »Made from a large PC screen on Google. I can hear you from here: ” Ah thereMotherfucker the annoying Google, we have to do Google Ads / pay if we want to be visible ! ”

Indeed, the first 4 links found at the top of the page (green box on the image) are Google Ads Search ads.

You can distinguish the Google Ads ads from the results of natural referencing / SEO via the small pictogram “Ad” which is in front of each Google Ads ad.

Note also that Google has just changed the presentation of Google Ads ads and that it is even more difficult to distinguish them from SEO results.

“But still, calm down my friend!” “

Yes, calm down, because we are in 2020 and there is worse 🙁!

Yes, because today, most research is done from a smartphone with a screen much smaller than on a computer:

Who says smaller screen, also says that the user must go down / scroll even more on the Google results pages to pass the Google Ads ads and FINALLY arrive at the first natural referencing / SEO link.

If not already, you can now tell the difference between Google Ads and natural / SEO results. However, many Internet users have nothing to do with these concerns:

Click Ads Google Ads

Add to that those who invoke “laziness” to scroller on their smartphone 👿 and you understand then that ” Yes, Google Ads can bring you visits.

Even if on your side you never click on the ads (is that true?).

In short, you understand that the question of whether or not you should use the leverage of Google Ads advertising to ensure your visibility after your targets is becoming more and more legitimate.

“So to be visible on Google, I have to do Google Ads? ! “

As a Breton, I cannot allow myself to give you an answer from Norman 😀:

\” No, Google Ads advertising is not a must to be visible on Google!

If we limit ourselves to the question of the visibility of your business on Google (beyond the other existing webmarketing levers), natural referencing / SEO is, and remains, an excellent lever to bring you free and quality visits.

Even if it is true that Google gives pride of place to Google Ads ads, natural search is still the primary source of visit / traffic for the vast majority of websites. (Find out more about the differences between SEO and Google Ads advertising here).

And NO, despite what you may have heard about SEO is still not dead (but I’m getting away from the subject …).

That said, and now that we agree that Google Ads ads are not a must, this is not to say that this lever, which can bring you a lot, and even more if it is well mastered.

Test the potential of Google Ads in your market

Start by doing a few simple tests by looking for a few queries that your targets are likely to make. In other words, look for some of the keywords you would like to be visible on, for example:

Google local search

We see above that there are “only” 2 Google Ads ads at the top of the results page, while Google can display up to 4 ads.

This is only a first test, which needs to be deepened, but this seems to indicate that there is relatively little “Google Ads competition” on the market concerned (in this case here kitchen designers based in Nantes ).

Conversely, if you see 4 Google Ads ads appear at the top of Google results pages, and possibly other Google Ads results at the bottom of the page: this seems to mean that Google Ads competition in your market is tougher and that many of your competitors are using this lever.

AdWords Ads

Test in your market and with your own keywords and if you find that your competitors use little or no Google Ads communication, then this lever is certainly to be considered, since it is likely to bring you quality visits at limited costs.

Conversely, if the competition is more difficult, this does not mean that you should turn away from Google Ads, but you must be careful to use the lever more precisely.

Google Ads or the lethal weapon

Let’s be clear, Google Ads advertising is a double-edged sword, and you certainly know that a saber stroke can be painful … For you or for your competitors 😐

Kill bill

However, I regularly meet companies with whom I have this kind of conversation:

Business : ” Yes, we do Google Ads.

Me : ” Okay, and what does that bring you?

Business : ” Oh, we record many visits via this lever.

Me : ” And more concretely, does it bring you contacts, sales…

Business : ” Euh, I do not know !

If you find yourself in this situation, I can only advise you to pause your Google Ads campaigns. Indeed, it is imperative here to restore order in your campaigns, so that you can measure what this leverage brings you concretely in terms of business.

Note that, with some exceptions, the goal of Google Ads is not to generate visits to your site, but to generate leads (contacts, sales, store visits, request for quotes, registrations, etc.).

Google Ads, what promises?

We know it, you know it: you are the best in your market 😎 ! It now remains to make this known to your targets, to prevent them from doing business with your nasty competitors 😳.

Just like you, your customers and your targets have gotten into the habit of calling Google to the rescue to meet all their needs and answer all their questions.

In addition, with our precious smartphones, the Google friend is always with us! Miss more than we can talk to her! Ah well, can we ?!


In short, whether it’s going to a restaurant, calling on a craftsman, buying a piece of furniture, preparing your next outing, looking for your new gym (yes, good resolutions…): we we ALL got into the habit of going through the “Google” box and this strongly impacts our choices.

Whatever people say: nowadays, a company that is not visible on Google is necessarily missing out on a (possibly significant) part of its business.

Now imagine:

  • You want to ensure your visibility when your targets are looking for your activity / services;
  • You want to reach only those who are within a radius of X kms around your company;
  • You are only ready to pay if they visit your site and / or contact you;
  • You want to measure the results of your communication.

With Google Ads, it’s possible 😮!

I know, I know, it sells dreams 😉. But let’s go further:

As an entrepreneur, marketing manager … you have at your disposal a multitude of marketing and webmarketing levers. You are free to select the most relevant and especially the most effective and profitable.

To do this, you must aim for the Holy Grail of marketing, namely: ” Send the right message to the right person at the right time!

Marketing success

Or, a rather simple equation on paper, but that it is not so obvious to solve “in the real world”. Except perhaps via natural referencing / SEO and Google Ads advertising.

The principle is simple: a prospect shows, through his Google searches, that he is interested in your products / your services> Red alert 💡 You must be visible! Otherwise, and despite all the quality of your offer, this prospect will never call on you >>> Simply because he does not know your existence!

Are you real

When the markets are on their heads:

This is a situation that I have only very rarely encountered, but which can nevertheless occur.

This usually happens in emerging markets where supply can sometimes exceed demand, with too many players competing for the same market.

Supply and demand

This imbalance means that the different players are waging a bitter war to be visible on Google. They then invest heavily in Google Ads advertising and at far too high a cost, compared to the value that each customer brings them.

These markets end up regulating themselves “with the wear”, but in such situations, it is undoubtedly preferable to divert you from the ads Google Ads, or to use the lever with surgical precision.

Note, however, that if it is common to hear about “Google Ads” or “AdWords” in the sense that we hear it here (that is to say by evoking the text ads that appear on the pages of Google results: Ads Search), Google Ads remains a marketing platform that offers many other levers: Display advertising, Remarketing, YouTube ads, Gmail, Google Shopping

In short, it is a broader subject, but if it is not through Search ads, the Google Ads platform can certainly contribute to the development of your business.

Get ready

Your Google Ads are sort of your storefront. They praise the quality of your services and attract the customer through various marketing arguments.

Showcase site

However, once on your site (or on your landing pages), you must convince your visitors / your prospects and put them in confidence.

Would you like to buy anything from this store 🙁? :


So, before launching your Google Ads campaigns, be sure to put your site in order and guide your visitors to the actions you want them to take. Navigation on your site must be clear and fluid, both from a computer and from a Smartphone.

The perfect site doesn’t hesitate (at least, personally, I haven’t met it yet 😕), but that shouldn’t prevent you from aiming for perfection 🙂!

I’m going for it !

You now have, I hope, some food for thought as to whether or not you should get started with Google Ads.

However, I can not advise you too much to launch yourself on the platform alone (“Well let’s see this whole article to sell us their services, they don’t lack air at Boost Your Web”)!

elastic jump

Certainly, as a Google Ads agency, I preach for my parish (Amen). But honestly, we too often come across companies thinking of saving money by running their Google Ads campaigns themselves. Unfortunately, the latter waste their investments (sometimes quite catastrophically), due to a lack of control.

This is all the more true if you have little knowledge of the world of webmarketing jargon and you have little time to spend on it (what is worse than Google Ads campaigns that run without any control).

Thus, I invite you at least to carry out Google Ads training in order to start on a good basis, if not to delegate this management to an agency like ours.

If despite this warning (which is certainly not completely disinterested, but we can still discuss 😉) you choose to start alone, I invite you to test the lever with limited budgets first, in order to achieve first tests.

But beware ❗, remember to measure your “business performance” well, and not just the click volumes on your ads.