▷ Show yourself as the author of an article in Google results 2020 -

Did you know that it is possible to identify oneself as the author of an article and thus have his Google profile displayed next to his articles in Google results? The handling is not complicated but requires having a full Google profile. Once identified as an author, you will also be able to follow the views and clicks of your articles via Google’s webmaster tools. Follow the guide…


If you don’t have a Google profile yet, you’ll need to create one. Remember to put a quality photo, because it will appear next to your articles in the search results.

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You will also need to verify that your email address is displayed on the articles for which you are the author. On CWT Advertising & co’m, the email is displayed with the presentation of the author when you click on his first name.

Step 1: Associate your professional email with your Google profile

The email that appears on your articles must then be associated with your Google Plus profile. To do this, go to your profile and click on modify.

Click on professional and fill in the email in question. You can now click on “modifications completed”.

An email verification link is now displayed next to it, click on it and then on the link present in the verification email.

Step 2: Fill out the author profile association form

Now you need to fill out a online form to submit the author profile to Google. All you have to do is click here and enter your last name, first name, email and Google profile.

For more information, you can read the page explaining the procedure for identifying an author.

Track impressions and clicks on their author profile …

Once you’ve posted yourself as an author, you may want to track your profile display statistics to monitor your personal branding.

Google has also thought about this. A new section in webmaster tools has appeared. To access it, click on “Lab” and then on “Author Statistics”.

If you’ve set up your author information correctly, you should see some statistics. Please note that your Google Webmaster and Google Plus account must be associated with the same email address for the information to go back up.

Below is an example of Matts Cutts 🙂 statistics:

Do you plan to use these statistics? What are their main uses for you?

Source: Official Google Blog.