Want to take your Instagram account to the next level? Whether it is your personal account or that of your company / brand, thanks to Instacheck, a personalized audit tool of your habits and practices on Instagram, you will be able to boost your performance …

Instacheck is the latest addition to Combin, well known for its various tools and services to improve the performance of its communication on Instagram. Besides, don’t hesitate to discover the other tools via our previous articles here, here and here.

Instacheck is a real personal coach. Whether you are a regular user, an influencer or an entrepreneur, the audit tool gives you the keys to significantly improve the performance of your Instagram account.

Account name, profile photo, bio, appropriate use of hahstags, publications and branding, interactions with your subscribers … Everything will be scrutinized by the tool and its team of experts.

Thanks to 100% personalized recommendations, you’ll be able to increase your account engagement and therefore visibility, post more sophisticated content, and see your subscriber curve skyrocket.

In practice, you just need to go to the InstaCheck website and then choose your plan. Two formulas are offered. The first, Pesonal Plan, offers you a pdf audit listing all the personalized recommendations to improve your marketing on Instagram (you have an audit example here).

The second formula, “Business plan” gives you in addition to the personalized audit, 30 minutes by Skype with an Instagram expert to go even further.

Once your formula chosen, you just have to complete a form. Your account is then audited and following this audit, you receive your Instagram optimization report.

You then have to follow the recommendations to improve your Insta and gain visibility.

Having expert advice not only allows you to gain efficiency, but above all time, you know what to do to be more efficient and take full advantage of Instagram!

Note that if you work in marketing influence, the tool can also allow you to audit the accounts of influencers before working with them. This allows you to more carefully choose the influencers you work with.

It’s your turn !

Article written in collaboration with Combin