▷ Simplify life for monitoring payment and reminders of customer invoices 2020 -

If editing invoices is always pleasant (since synonymous with turnover and business development), monitoring payments and relaunching customers if necessary is much less pleasant sym Today, I offer advice to simplify your life at this level as well as a tool to help you in this task …

4 tips for tracking payments and reminders

1: Equip yourself well

For a good follow-up, it is essential to have a tool allowing at least to edit invoices, to record the payment of these and to follow the invoices awaiting payment. Without that difficult to organize. The good news is that any invoice management tool will offer these basic features. So you can choose the tool that best meets your needs, based on your needs. For my part, I have opted for several years for Evoliz which allows me to manage my billing efficiently.

2: Impose a regularity

In order to maintain an adequate level of cash, it is essential to establish regularity in the monitoring of payments and reminders. Depending on the number of invoices that you edit, the frequency and the time spent will vary, but generally it does not take too long and allows you to keep your cash flow afloat. In my case, I set reminders every two weeks and it doesn’t take me more than half an hour.

In order to save time, you can pre-write a dunning template (1time raise, 2th raise, 3th relaunch) and save it (for example, Gmail can save email templates) to save time. Personally, I do not use a model because I try to bounce on the subjects that I have in progress with my clients to integrate my reminders 🙂

3: Relaunch in joy and good humor

Unless you’re at your 30th raise and have someone in bad faith in front of you, don’t personally take raises, detach yourself and raise in a courteous and friendly manner. Your contact is not necessarily the person who initiates the payment (in 90% of cases, this is not the case), and therefore is not responsible for the delay.

4: Automate what can be automate

The reminders are not always pleasant, why not automate them in order to always have neutral and Zen reminders 🙂 As a bonus you will save precious time. Some tools allow you to trigger reminders X days after the invoice has been issued if there is no payment. In this case, remember to put a minimum delay so as not to raise the customer too quickly and to correctly enter the payments on the tool so as not to raise customers who have already paid.

A tool to help you with your invoicing and reminders

As I said above, I use Evoliz, the tool is well suited to my needs and the icing on the cake, many features are added regularly depending on the needs of users.

For reminders, for example, the tool allows you to see overdue invoices at a glance and then send a reminder (based on a template that you can modify) with a single click.

As a bonus, you can also find out whether the client has opened the follow-up email or not, which is useful for people who rarely respond to emails, so you are sure that the message has gone well:

More info on this feature via the Evoliz blog.

Also to save time, you can customize the signature of your emails to have the same design as your emails sent in a more traditional way:

A tool to support you in the daily management of your business

Beyond these functionality related to reminders, Evoliz offers a whole range of tools to manage your business:

  • Edit and manage quotes and invoices;
  • Monitoring of its turnover;
  • Follow-up of reminders;
  • Connection with the management system of your accountant;
  • Commercial follow-up ;
  • Online payment tracking …

It’s best to make up your own mind by testing the tool for free for 30 days. The subscription is then offered from € 24.90 HT per month.

More info: Evoliz.com

Article written in collaboration with Evoliz.