▷ Simplify sharing your WiFi connection with Weezee #StartupDuMois Episode 3 2020 -

For the month of September, the CB News and CWT Advertising & co’m teams did not select one but two startups! Today we introduce you to Weezee, a mobile application for sharing a Wi-Fi connection quickly and easily …

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3 questions to the startup “Weezee”

Hello Mehdi, can you introduce Weezee to us?

Weezee was born out of a real desire to simplify life, Weezee is the essential mobile application to have on your smartphone if you want to connect to WiFi everywhere without being a headache. We’ve all been there before: wasting a lot of time trying to copy this endless list of numbers and letters under the box. Weezee has finally arrived and this is THE solution.

The application is divided into 3 main parts:

  1. Go to settings, enter the name of your box and your WiFi password, press save and you create your qr code. Now you can share it with your friends.
  2. Share it with those around you without having to give the password but only by having them scan the QR Code.
  3. Are you busy and other friends asking for the password? No worries, we thought of everything. Your friends already connected to the network can share it thanks to the Wifi Share feature.

How was the idea borne behind this project?

During an evening with friends, everyone asked me in unison the wifi password. That’s when I realized that connecting twenty people at the same time was a pain. So I told a friend about it, the next day we started working on it. And today, 5 months later, we are launching our new version.

What’s news / news about your startup in the coming months?

Our new version will be released in early October on the App Store and the Play Store. The WIFI connection experience has been completely redesigned for our users. Now the famous “What is your WiFi password? Is a question that our Weezers will permanently remove from their vocabulary.


About Weezee

Find Weezee on: www.weezee.fr.

Facebook – Twitter @weezeeapp – Snapchat: weezeeapp

Grandstand: Weezee in your evening

Our new application includes a new feature: WiFi share. Imagine a world where when you enter a friend’s house in the evening, the host only has to click a button to receive all the other weezee users in the room, a notification asking if they wish to connect to WiFi, like that all of a sudden. Fast, easy, #easyweezee.


We facilitate the WiFi connection, connecting to WiFi is now a pleasant experience. Also, the design is extremely simple so that it is easy to use for everyone.