You have been running a site for a while now, and you now want to make it profitable. Wise decision on your part! However, in front of the flood of proposals, you do not know which method to turn to and which is the most adapted to your situation…

Above all, you want your site to be monetized up to its value; as you can see, investing in your site is one thing, but getting a financial return is another.

To enlighten you here are, in a non-exhaustive way, four ways to make your site financially more attractive.

Affiliate Marketing

It is a business partnership between an affiliate and you, leading to the sale of a product or service that you recommend. The remuneration, on commission, can be interesting if you negotiate your price well. Indeed, the parties must gain interest on both sides; so don’t be too greedy, but don’t claim too little either. Also make sure you get paid by the publisher.

If you are considering affiliate, it is best that you promote a product that you have already tested before and especially that fits your niche. Also, specify that this is a sponsored link to your audience. This detail may seem obvious, but it is this kind of omission that can make you lose it; even though you’ve spent so many years building and federating it. It is enough that it discovers that you make hidden advertisement and you will have lost the confidence of this one but also your credibility.

Selling your products and services

If you flourish with your site but want to promote your expertise in a more lucrative way, you can sell your products and / or services.

From creating an ebook, to video training and tutorials, everything is possible! In addition to your basic audience, you will be able to gain a new one, while earning nice profits.

However, you should be aware that to reach a qualitative level, you will have to devote time and sometimes even money to design and writing to be able to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Google AdSense

In recent years, advertising display has long been criticized as deemed too intrusive by internet users. However, by choosing the right agency, the return on investment can be attractive.

This is what Google AdSense offers by adapting the advertisements displayed according to the content published on the site. The higher your traffic, the more likely you are to generate income. But make sure you’re using AdSense wisely: if it’s tempting to advertise more often, consider the audience you’d like to keep. Do not have your eyes bigger than your stomach or you will suffer the consequences.

Sponsored articles

Over the years, your site has allowed you to build a reputation and you have managed to federate a quality community. Brands are interested in your niche and want to collaborate with you because they know you have influence. In this case, the sponsored article is the perfect way to increase your income.

It is in your interest, moreover, that you turn to this solution. Contrary to display ad, it is non-intrusive and adapts perfectly to your editorial line, without you having to modify it. To this is added the writing of authentic articles, ideal if you have a taste for a job well done. But to do this, you need to target the advertiser (s) most relevant to your sector., a platform specializing in sponsored articles, will allow you to find the one that best meets your expectations. Platform n ° 1 of the connection between advertisers and publishers, they are no less than 4,500 advertisers registered for more than 5,000 blogs and influential sites. Favoring a serious and quality collaboration, highlights a win-win and balanced cooperation for both parties: brands are gaining visibility, notoriety, as well as SEO and traffic. Publishers, on the other hand, are seeing their revenue shares increase.

The solution getfluence allows you to keep your editorial line and therefore respect your audience: a smart way to take advantage of sponsored articles.

Article written in collaboration with getfluence