▷ Smash invents a new communication channel 2020 -

Extending Powerpoint, video presentation, psd file … Do you also regularly send large files to your partners or customers? What if I told you that it was now possible to take advantage of these multiple downloads to communicate about your brand and / or your products. This is Smash’s leitmotif, More than a file sharing service, a new communication channel. Let’s discover the whole…

With Smash, you will be able to personalize your download pages but also create campaigns to promote your activity or your news.

Training & Co'm

How about we test together? Create an account and test for free in parallel with reading this article.

Before sending your files, you will already be able to customize the interface on both the sender and recipient sides. Customizing the sender interface will allow you to work on your internal communication and the recipient interface on your external communication.

In our case, we have customized our interfaces in this way:

This customization is done very simply, by indicating its logo and a background image. In 1min30 top time, your interface is ready to smash!

Now let’s get down to business: promotion campaigns! As seen above, Smash will allow you to communicate with your internal teams as well as with your partners / customers / prospects.

To do so, we will distinguish campaigns for recipients from those for your smashers.

Let’s take an example. In our case, we want to highlight our training offer and the video of our 10 years with our customers. We are therefore going to set up 2 campaigns which will run alternately during the downloads of the documents we send.

To create a campaign, Smash will ask you:

  • A campaign name (example: Training & co’m for our training);
  • Images or videos, in this case, we create an image by PowerPoint slide presentation of our offer to scroll through when downloading;
  • A text that will appear below, example “During the download, find out how to train yourself in web marketing with our Training & co’m program”.
  • And a call to action button associated with a link.

Nothing complicated!

Now let’s test sending a smash. We will find an interface similar to Dropbox, on the one hand you can indicate the file or files to transfer as well as the promotion to display. On the other hand, you personalize the sending URL and indicate the sender email:

And this is what it gives, in our case, the presentation of our training is displayed during the download:

If you want to go see, go here: https://webmarketing-com.fromsmash.com/trainingcom

Another example by integrating a video:


In the same way, the email that your recipient will receive will be in your colors:

Sending your large files becomes a great marketing tool.

There are many possibilities:

  • Promote an offer;
  • Invite your contacts to follow you on social networks;
  • Promote a video of your latest achievements …

Note that you can also add different users so that your colleagues can use the same interface. And bonus: it is possible to smash from your personalized URL without having to log into your account.

Infine, Smash invents a new communication channel which brings to companies many advantages:

  • Promote your business;
  • Increase its notoriety;
  • To arouse interest ;
  • Build loyalty / win new customers.

To conclude, I find Smash very well done, the tool is easy to use, the possibilities for promotions are numerous and you can even follow the number of views and the performance of your campaigns. The tool will quickly become essential, especially for communication agencies that send a large number of presentations to their prospects / customers / partners …

Test it to make up your own mind, the first 5 smashes are free, prices then vary depending on the volume of shipments and start from € 20.

Article written in collaboration with Smash