▷ SMEs are struggling with digital 2020 -

Although digital is an essential tool in the professional world for acquiring new customers, a recent study by YouGov and Google shows that SMEs are not yet completely comfortable with this way of communicating.

There is always that
the main goal of most of them is to increase their share of
market. To do this, it would start with the creation of a website
attractive and which respects the standards in terms of referencing. Not only
it is an essential key factor to be able to cope with the
competition, but this action also gives leaders a boost
wishing to accelerate the growth of their business.

digital advertising attracts the attention of SMEs

Among digital innovations, digital advertising is attracting the attention of SMEs. According to a recent study by YouGov, more than half (53%) of French managers wish to request this approach to reach their targets and get new customers.

In addition, many
of them are convinced that this is an ideal way to increase their
brand awareness and improve their e-reputation effectively.

However, however,
admit that they often find it difficult to go further with this approach
due to the complexity of online advertising techniques. A big number
tools are available on the net but are still abstract or too
complicated to use for some businesses, especially small businesses
cut. In fact, almost a quarter of SMEs seek assistance from the
share of professionals on this side.

If the tool publishers
are doing their utmost to also provide more and more assistance
to their customers, everyone is responsible for their success.

You will understand, for
SMEs integration into the digital world represents, in fact, a
considerable investment in both resources and time.

digital efforts are less

This study also reveals a
very telling fact: almost a third of SMEs do not have a site
internet (30%)
. Those who do not have all the techniques
necessary for their optimization and simply prefer to abandon them.

Moreover, 60% of SMEs that have taken the time to create a website admit that they do not take care of its visibility in search engines. We know that it is very difficult to get new customers for a business if the latter is not a minium visible in search engines.

under exploited domain

On the one hand, there are small
and medium-sized businesses looking to continually increase their
clients. On the other hand, digital is visibly underused. What
this is not the case for large companies. If the internet gives the possibility of
sell items and services online, only 16% of SMEs do so, so
that the share of French people who use online shopping is 85%.

In addition, the increasing security of electronic commerce encourages internet users to advocate this approach. Leaders must take advantage of this to be able to achieve their objectives while satisfying the public. In short, they must be more active in order to be able to effectively implement digital marketing strategies. Managers must allocate within 20 or 30 hours per week to their digital strategies (against one hour currently).

What solutions on the horizon?

As stated in
the first paragraph of this article, SMEs have a real attraction for
and are aware of the importance of this field in accelerating
of their growth. Only these small and medium-sized French companies
are lost when embarking on this digital shift.

3 main areas are to be developed to allow French SMEs to accelerate their digital transformation.

A political issue

From a political point of view, it is necessary for local authorities to realize that each of the SMEs in their territory must be supported in their digital development. This involves training within the CCIs (Chambers of Commerce and Industry) but also by raising awareness of the importance of digital. For the past few months, Google has been traveling around all departments of England to organize free digital workshops aimed at explaining to SMEs how to increase their turnover thanks to digital. However, it’s up to local authorities to ask Google to organize these workshops.

Still on the political side,
it’s unusual to find that one in three SMEs doesn’t have a website. In addition to one
lack awareness of the importance of digital, it is possible that these companies
don’t have the budget to create a site. Consequently, he
might be consistent to consider creating small grants helping
SMEs in the creation of their site.

More accessible tools

The complexity of digital marketing tools is a brake often mentioned by SMEs. To this we can also add the price which sometimes can be off-putting. We can however notice that for the creation of websites, CMSs like Shopify, Wix and WordPress offer more and more alternatives so that the general public can easily create a website.

A reorganization within SMEs

Finally, it is the SMEs themselves that will be the
first actors of their success on the web. Digital must be considered
as a specific area for which one or more specialists are there
dedicated continuously.