After launching a new feature for brands, Snapchat recently rolled out a Mini app: the Headspace. The start of a long road …

Snapchat announced the launch of Headspace, a mini application that offers six meditation sessions of 3 to 4 minutes, with several themes such as “Just breathe”.

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Its goal: to help support the mental health and emotional well-being of Snapchatters in the face of stress, anxiety, depression and many other emotional challenges.

Headspace Mini is just one of four recently launched mini apps …

Snapchat has also deployed Let’s Do It that allows group decisions to be made or to motivate fellow students.

There is also Flashcards, an application that allows you to create collaborative study tools as well as Prediction Master. In the form of questions and answers, this allows you to make predictions about the unfolding of upcoming events, such as the stock market or sports matches.

In March, Snapchat also rolled out Here For You, a feature that provides expert resources when Snapchatters search for topics related to mental health and wellness.

Snapchat does not hide its ambition: to become THE super application and to overtake its competitors including TikTok. Mental health, emotional well-being, studies, training, but also remote shopping as with Gucci, games, films, ordering VTC drivers … everything is designed to make everyday life easier.