▷ Snapchat launches "App Stories", its new sharing feature 2020 Guide -

In early April 2020, Snapchat officially announced that it is now possible to integrate Snapchat Stories into other apps. A new feature that facilitates more immersive and engaging content experiences …

Announced at the Snap Partner Summit 2019 in April 2019, “App Stories” was born a year later. This makes it possible to take advantage of Snapchat Stories and their community of 218 million users thanks to a content ecosystem. This is based on the story sharing feature on other apps, Squad, Triller, Octi, Hily to boost engagement on their respective platforms.

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With the Triller music app, for example, it is now possible to share your activity there towards a Snapchat story and thus increase your engagement rate. Custom Snapchat stories can also be added to Octi augmented reality profiles. Snapchatters can send Snaps via the My Octi Story option in the Snapchat app, and these stories will automatically appear as tiles in the Octi AR belt. Those using Squad can also co-watch Snapchat Stories during video calls, and view Stories on Squad profiles.

Also new, third-party app developers have a Story Kit in Snapchat’s Snap Kit. They can request access to the integration of Snapchat stories on their platforms.

While Snapchat can’t yet compete with Facebook alone, using the combined power of multiple apps, it could therefore optimize the way users communicate through these sharing apps.

Source: socialmediatoday, adweek