▷ Snapchat launches new initiative to adapt to Covid-19 2020 Guide -

After launching “App Stories”, its new sharing feature, Snapchat is offering a new mini site dedicated to COVID-19. It includes several resources, information and links to help marketers manage the pandemic and better connect with their audience even in the midst of a crisis…


Data to adapt your marketing strategy

As COVID-19 affects the lives of millions of people around the world, people are using Snapchat to stay close to friends, family, colleagues and the community. The social network therefore started from this idea to help marketers bring them closer together, even in times of crisis.

Trainer training

The week of April 13, 2020, the social network launched a new mini-site that presents several data on changes in the use of Snapchat, related to the pandemic and containment.

The site highlights the opportunities and best practices to implement, with supporting examples.

To further help marketers adapt their marketing strategies, Snapchat is planning new updates for even richer and more usable data. For example, you can easily find the main areas of interest of Snapchatters during this health crisis.