After YouTube’s Shorts and Instagram’s Reels, TikTok now faces a new competitor: Snapchat. The application launches Spotlight, a new feature that presents short and fun social videos created by its users …

While this isn’t the first time that the app has released user videos, it is the first time that Snapchat has featured them in the app. And, in case that isn’t enough to motivate people to create content for another short-form video platform, Snap is also investing a lot in it: $ 1 million a day until the end of the year to users who share the most popular clips.

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In terms of content, Spotlight looks like TikTok and Instagram’s Reels. The app features auto-playing vertical videos, where the user can slide their finger up or down to quickly move between clips.

However, Spotlight is different in several ways. The functionality does not allow you to place comments or remixes such as TikTok for example. Moreover, most videos presented in Spotlight will be anonymous, without name or nickname, unless the user has a public profile. This point could be a bit of a disadvantage if you are used to following specific people.

Either way, for users, probably the biggest asset is the promise of a potential payment. Snapchat doesn’t share exactly what a user can expect to earn. It notes, however, that the payments are based on a formula which “Rewards Snapchatters primarily based on the total number of unique video views a Snap gets in a given day.”

For now, the company is committed to spending a million dollars a day until the end of the year. In the long term, she plans to implement an advertising strategy on Spotlight. So it’s not hard to imagine that direct payments could evolve into a revenue sharing arrangement to properly monetize content.