Niri Brusa

Editorial project manager – CWT Advertising & Co’m

Notice to advertisers! Snapchat has launched a new video takeover option that allows brands to add ads to shows on the app …

Her name ? First Commercial. This new feature guarantees advertisers the broadcast of an influential advertising spot of 6 seconds cannot be deactivated on Snapchat’s suite of shows.

Trainer training

In practice, if a user chooses to watch video content of any kind, the first commercial they see will be from the advertiser who scheduled the first advertisement. The announcements cannot be deactivated and last at least 6 seconds. In addition, the purchase of the format is valid for 24 hours.

First satisfactory tests

Ads are shown to users who watch shows in Snapchat Discover. They were first tested last April with major advertisers Tinder and NBC Universal. By combining advertising with augmented reality lenses and filters, Tinder was able to increase its engagement rate.

For the Christmas and Black Friday 2020 campaigns, O2 and eBay were also among the first brands to use the advertising format. This new update is part of the development of video tools to support advertisers who want to meaningfully engage with Gen Z and Gen Y.

Through beta testing, Snapchat knows that the power of First Commercial provides marketers with additional tools to build brand awareness.