▷ So… when is Google Caffeine? Matt Cutts' response 2020 -

It’s already been almost a month and a half since Google announced its next update with the code name Caffeine. With the frequent changes in positioning that have been taking place in recent times, many wonder if the update has already been implemented. Matt Cutts says it’s not online yet. So when will this next engine update go online …

Matt Cutts is reported to have communicated to Search Engine Land that the Caffeine update has not yet been implemented despite some tweets from various sources indicating that it has been posted. We don’t have any information yet on its launch date. The spokesperson of Google takes the opportunity to specify that the changes in positioning would be minimal or invisible to users.

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A study by an English agency based on the results of 9000 keywords indicates that most of the time there is only a minimal difference between the current version of Google and Caffeine. It also shows that pages with fresh content would be more preferred.

For my part, I have noticed improvements in positioning, the changes are not that small. It therefore remains to wait some time before being definitively fixed.

Source: Search Engine Land